Sep 30, 2008

Naked Neighbour on the loose again

If you read two of my posts once upon a time ago, you will understand what I'm talking about..Remember my parading naked neighbour and the crime scene where naked neighbour stand at??? I thought that stupid act was already over and no more inappropriate act by this stupid neighbour. But i was wrong. Apparently, this shameless guy has no brain of his own lah. Opsss!!! He did it again yesterday, and the lucky person who managed to see his 'din-dong' and ugly ass was my sister! Hahaha!! How lucky..! That time of incident, my sis was about to cook her maggi when this shameless neighbour went out to the back kitchen without a stitch of thread on his body! Bodoh kan!!!???
Yeah..yeah..I know..he has the right to be naked in his own house...but if he is a mat salleh @ kuai low, i probably would understand if he cannot stand the hot weather in our country..but..but!!! This guy is a malay lah..During school time, i do remember about muslim law regarding on this aurat thing (correct me if i'm wrong)....I thought muslim men cannot show the part from waist down to their knee??? But how come my neighbour can show the whole body to us, the so unlucky neighbour??? *sigh*
As i've stressed in my post last time, if he was inside his house, then we cannot question on his wrongdoing, but he was outside oh last night..somemore so proud showing his ding dong bell to my sister. Blardy bastard betul!! Must be a maniac lah this guy. Luckily it wasn't me last nite, or else i will definitely scream for the whole world to hear and not to forget, take his picture too. Post it in the internet, and let the whole world know he is one sick pervert who show himself to and old lady (my MIL), my kids (ya kids do go inside the kitchen what...) and my innocent sister..! Pity my sister as she was traumatised seeing an ugly naked guy parading naked infront of her..Wait lah this guy!! If I'm at home, i will definitely snap his pix and post it in my blog..celaka betul!!

Ok..ok!! Forget about that sick pervert..I'm sure most of you already started your Raya Holiday..! (jelesnya nie..). My office will only be closed for two days starting from tomorrow. I knowwwwww...most of you guys will be on holiday until next week..!! Nevermind..nevermind..wait until Chinese New Year next year...I will make you guys jelous with my 8-10 days free leaves..huahahahaha!!! *evil laugh*

So...Ok lah..i need to finish my work already lah..! With this, i would like to take this opportunity to wish all my muslim friends and dear bloggers a Wonderful Hari Raya Aidilfitri..don't forget to send me some kuih raya..ya?? *Msg to dear Mel in tuaran - KUIH RAYA????????*

To all..Happy holiday!!!!!


Hombidai said...

purely just one sick pervert lah that one kdmama... try snap his pictures one day and post it all ove the place including your block OR report to the authority

we are malaysian and i do believe there are Laws regarding this kind of things...

showing one'r private part IS against the law. can be charged in court i believe.

based on your blog, he is showing his private parts to women ... so, that can be considered as sexual harrasment also IMO

get him!!

Andrik McVean said...

LOL..kadus mama...sia rasa dia mau pikat kamurang bah tuh...huhuhu...dia mau kasih tinguk2 sebab dia bilang dia punya basar...hahahahahaahahah...(memain jah)

Nick Phillips said...

I think he's gone a bit too far. Take his picture and post on the net. Better still get all your blogger frens to help you spread the pix. Padan his muka ... LOL!

Gallivanter said...

I think what you could do is to drop a note in his mail box (anonymous) telling him to not show his tontolou outside the house. And then want that you will lodge a complaint with the mgmt and then the police.

Also, put in P/S:
Say that his tontolou is too small and that he should consider becoming a pondan. Hehehehehe!

izanazuani said...

omg! dat is definitely 100% not right la kadus... betul2 tidak senonoh punya urang! bikin malu ja... dia ingat bagus ka kasi tunjuk2 tu loceng?

need to report that to authority. sex maniac tu kadus. not a healthy environment to live in...

misti ada problem la that guy... my god if me, seram sajuk kalau ternmpk gitu...

kalau nmpk, batal puasa ohhh...

Kenny @ Mrs Graig :) said...

astaga..mimang cilaka btl la tu urg tau..btl tu si Hombidai ckp tu..mcm sengaja2 tu jiran ko tayang-tayangkan...blh buat report tu under ja polis drg tau la pa mo buat tu...aishh..pity nell..

Mama Mia said...

he did it again?! sot mangkali dia tu. bah, everytime masuk dapur, kmurang jgn lupa bw hp, snap him in action sbgi bahan bukti. Trus lapor mgmt & pulis..baru dia tau! Time bln puasa pn dia berani tayang2...butul2 nda malu!

Little Inbox said...

No comment for your naked neighbour, hehe...
Well, happy holiday to you!

Nessa said...

I pity your sis. Sia perna jadi mangsa flasher masa form 2 ka form 3, sia pun lupa suda.

Ni on the way balik rumah from school, tiba2 ja kluar dari semak, telanjang bogel! Palagi, takajut basar btul sia... nasib baik sia jalan with my school mate. Ish, gali sia ingat rupa 'hutan' dia tu....uwekkk...

Kasi ready kemera di dapur gia. Orang cam tu memang sot dan bahaya.

urang ranau said...

ambil ja gambar itu pervert kadusmama, pastu kasi besar2 tayang sini blog ko..nnt sia tulung kasi sebar.. bikin panas kan..bah mana la sister ko ada selera mo makan tu meggi lagi klu sudah nmpk tu ding dong...uweekkk..membari gali. bah sabar ja la, nnt hari raya ni ko bagila kad rasa + sansut dia ter perasan..

GregChai a.k.a. tukang kupi said...

Too bad, kesian your sis, KadusMama, next time get a camera ready. Lagi bagus kalau ada handy cam, send to youtube.

Kobie Vanessa said...

adededeeehhh mesti si b****g tkejut gila ni nampk tu sex maniac, eeee...bepenyakit betul oo tu jiran kmu tu kan? next time ko ampai hidden video sana dapur, lepas tu ko post sini blog, wahhhh!! gerenti hot topic terus nii!! kctau si b*****g kalu nmpk lagi tu urg siram da pakai sabun <---eh napa pula sabun?heheh supaya da trus pi mandi hehehe

Kadus_Mama said...

Hombidai ~ Will try to snap his pix in the future..i need a proof before i can report to the management..
But for sure..he is one sick pervert lah!!

Andrik Mcvean ~ adehhh!! i don't think tu orang mau mengurat bah tu..more like mau kasi susah orang..ingat hebat kah kalau ada ding dong bell..??

Nick Phillips ~ yeah..he has gone too far this time. Its time for me to take action which is snapping his bloody pix..
Don't worry..if i manage to get his pix..i will definitely post his pix in my blog..

Kadus_Mama said...

Gallivanter ~ cannot be come anon lah..he surely will know it's us coz' only us can see him in that house..
Need to take pix first..later no proof, susah pulak!!

izanzuani ~ Yep!! that guy is one sicko pervert..will report to mgt soon..once pix is taken..
Since i don't fast, i guess it was his puasa yang batal right??

kenny @ mrs graig ~ mimang celaka tu mrs. graig..sudah lah my house nie ada budak and perempuan..
ketakutan sudah si nell mah masuk dapur sudah tu..

Kadus_Mama said...

mama mia ~ ini lah nie..mau standby sudah camera di dapur nie..kalau teda bahan buktim susah pulak mau report kan..
awas lah si maniac tu nanti!!

little inbox ~ happy holiday to u too..

Nessa ~ ntah mau panggil flasher kah nda tu orang sebab dia nda memflashkan diri depan kami..dia buat selamba kuar rumah telanjang bulat-bulat bah..
sia pun pernah nampak flasher masa skul dulu..nasib ada pagar skul kami..jadi si flasher nda dapat masuk..kurang asam juga lah..bikin geli sekali!

Kadus_Mama said...

urang ranau ~ masa sia sis ketakutan mau masuk dapur..tapi selama sia di rumah kan, sia nda pernah nampak tu lelaki membogelkan diri lah..sia pernah nampak pakai santut saja..
kalau ko mau tau my sis ada selera kah teda..heheheee! bulih lagi dia makan tu Mee betul-betul hao liao!! akakaa!!
Tapi memang nie..sia kasi standby satu kamera di dapur nanti..awas lah si pervert tu..

gregchai a.k.a tukang kupi ~ Iya..she was traumatised and not dare tu go to kitchen now..
I will keep one camera in the kitchen..don't worry..

kobie vanessa ~ iya bah..saiko betul oh!! ntah apa masalah dia tu..i mean, sudah lah kami punya rumah ada budak..nda kan dia get excited pulak kan??? Ewwwwww sekali!!
Nda berani lah sia siram..hehe nda pasal2 sia yang kena tangkap menganggu ketenteraman awam..
but i will snap his pix no matter what..sepa suruh tia tau malu..

chegu carol said...

maybe jiran ko tau kali yg u will definitely take picture of him telanjang...tulah dia tia berani keluar bogel time ko ada. yup, i also think ur neighbor has gone too far lah.

ngam tu cakap si daniel...kasi hantar surat dlm mailbox durang. mcm mild reminder ja bah...kalu durang buat lagi then u take further action lah.

Anonymous said...

tt-nobody in their right mind, islam kah bukan islam, would walk around naked in their house. i can understand walking from the bathroom to the closet but walking naked in the kitchen is definitely sick especially because he is aware that his windows are opened and people can see him. he must be a pervert and you probably shouldn't let ur kids get near that guy.

belleOFranau said...

KDmama..LOL...mula2 saya kelucuan baca ni blog...2nd sy kesian ur sister....sorry..^_^...kalau saya jadi adik ko...saya ambil phanter pastu asah2 tu panter (parang potong daging yg besar tu) depan ur neighbour..kalau nda makan saman..sengaja tatak2 tu panter kuat2..biar dia dangar..itu 1st..2nd,ambil gunting basar..yang untuk gunting pokok tu...pastu sengaja kasi bunyi2 tu gunting...
ok serius, baik bt laporan management tpt tngal kamu..n yah snap gambar dia, pun ok gak..tapi takut nanti dia bleh saman kamu kalau siar gmbar dia di internet~~

Joyce said...

Bah gambar lah Titty...sia pun mo tinguk yoyok dia.. ;)

Anonymous said...

:D alamak..T, tiada sia bikin kuih makmur..sob..sob..kuih beli seja :( Nanti Dec sia pi KL sia bawa ko X=mas gift aaa :)
Btw T, your blogspot layout mmm..kinda not in place sudah.

Kadus_Mama said...

Chegu Carol ~ Funny kan?? Macam dia tau2 saja sia mau snap dia punya pix..
Will do something about it nanti..

Aza ~ Allo kak Aza..! Thanx for dropping by ya..
Erk..actually he didn't walk inside his house with the window opened, but more like he went out to the back kitchen to hang his clothes and pretend nothing was wrong being naked in front of us.
Yea..i do think the guy is a lil' bit sick lah..

Belleofranau ~ Hahaha!! Asah parang ka? nda pasal2 sia kena saman trying to intimidate my neighbour pulak..ekekeee
But no worry..nanti sia buat laporan juga tu nanti..tapi tunggu sia cari bukti kukuh dulu lah..

Kadus_Mama said...

Joyce ~ I'll try my best Osso..hahaa!! Kan si neighbour nie kalau depan sia nda pulak dia mau naked..silaka sungguh!!

Mel ~ :) ok bah kalau ko mel..
Not sure whats wrong with my layout, coz the probs is only with firefox and not to IE..I'm using both..
Still cannot figure out whats wrong lah..bukan sia ada kacau apa2 with my HTML pun..

Ulat said...

Nudity is not illegal in England and Wales, although Malaysia adapted the UK law to form the institution, but self- exposing in malaysian's society is not an accepted culture yet.
You can either talk to him, lodge a complain towards him or if he continue to do so, you can file a police report on that person on sexual harrasment.

Penal Code - Section 509 stated, "Whoever, intending to insult the modesty of any women, utters any words, makes any sound or gesture or exhibit any object, intending that such word or sound shall be heard, or such gesture or object shall be seen by such woman, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to 5 years or with fine, or with both"
Visual harassment – covering the wall with pin-up, calendars, drawings, photographs of naked and scantily clad women or other sex-based materials and writing sex-based letter. Sexual exposure also falls under this form of sexual harassment.

Kadus_Mama said...

Ulat ~ WAHHHHHHH!!!!!! Thanx for the info!!! Now i need to catch the guy in action as i need to get a proof first! Then i will take the next step to report to our management..

Ulat said...

there area actually more but too bad la... I'm still studying the English Legal System thingy and haven get into Criminal Justice Act ( CJA). Hope those info will help.
I'm not sure whether CJA is compatible wit Human Rights Act 1998 or not... as the pervert is exposing himself in private land, which means if HRA stepped in then he can really do so as stated in HRA 1998.
Art. 8, HRA 1998 - Right to respect for private and family life, home and correspondence.
But of course, it's indeed better to inform that perticular person of his actions causing disturbance towards you and your private life as well...
** In my personal opinion, though Malaysia adapted the UK law, but too bad la,... with all the corruptions and manipulations of politicians, justice hardly exist here**
Hope the info helps.
Cheers =)

Kadus_Mama said...

Ulat ~ Maybe that guy thought we won't take any action on him as we didn't do anything the first time it happend..
I just don't know which guy is actually did that as the house has few people staying..and somemore it were my sis and my MIL who saw that guy exposing himself infront of them..
Now..i only need to get that guy in action again..and post his pix in my blog! hahaha
*You study law right??

Ulat said...

i wonder if any of d ppl in tat house read ur blog... * cant imagine hw will d pevert do when he saw his own naked photo here* XD
actually, I took Law as one of d subject for A Level... but too bad la, lazy+stupid student lyt me need more time n effort to conquer those freaking text books, if nto can get more info' hehe