Sep 27, 2008

My weekend and sports

Yipeeeee!!!! It's weekend again and I will be off from working for one and a half day??? Huh?? What so exciting about that?? Hehe..well nothing actually except i can rest and sleep after five and a half days working like crazy. *sigh*
So, lets see what I'm going to do after work today?? Hmmmm...fetch my sister who will be holidaying at my place for 10 days, clean my house and ....maybe I can watch the sports videos that i missed during the recent Olympic event in Beijing? What?? Is there any TV channel that still airing those events??? Hahaha!! Silly..I'm not going to watch them on TV but more likely will watch the online sports videos available in SportsVids site.
Well, I'm no big fan of all the available sport events actually but there are few sports that i really like and sometimes caused me to be crazy cheering and shouting while watching them (hehee!! I know! Not the usual me, huh??). Let me list down my favourite sports that caused me to be nuts sometimes:
  • Badminton (Got infected by hubby actually)
  • Track and field events (I always love this since i was small)
  • Gymnastics (Who doesn't like this??)
  • Swimming and Diving (Whoaaaa..really like this one!!)
  • Soccer or football as we called (Actually, I only watch WorldCup ya!!)

The point here is, I just want you guys to know that even you missed some of you favourite event in any big event like Olympic, you can always search your favourite sports event that you missed. Like me, due to work, I was unable to watch the great Swimming event by Micheal Phelps. But with Sports Vids site..yes I can watch them back. See, i even let you watch the videos here.

Usain Bolt Breaks New World Record - Click here for more sports videos

Malerie Dozier - Beam Routine 08-16-08 - Click here for more sports videos

Michael Johnson 200m World Record '96 Olympics - Click here for more sports videos

Lacrosse hits - Click here for more sports videos

So??? What do you think?? Good site huh?? I thought the same too. At least I won't be bored this week. I can spend some of my time watching all my favourite sports event while my kids can sleep. How about you? Are you going to do the same too??? Well don't forget to blog about it ya. I'm curious to know you favourite sports too.


Poppet said...

betulkah ko mo tinguk sukan ni hari ni? hehehe..

Kadus_Mama said...

Poppet ~ eh! ko and hubby suka tingu sports sama2..hehe siok ada kawan bising2 sambil marah2 tu pemain (kalau bola) yang bikin panas!! hahaha

Lab papa said...

Really meh kadusmama, I doubt that mukekekekekeke

Kalo ko terer, sepa nama striker sabah dalam liga M sekarang hahahahahahaha.

Kadus_Mama said...

lab papa ~ actually kami dua peminat badminton..tapi kalau sudah tetingu bola tu..sumpah saja tu pemain..padahal nda kenal pun!! hahahaha

Nessa said...

Asal sports, sia punya feveret tatap athletics :D

Kadus_Mama said...

Nessa ~ Iya bah kan..memang siok mau tingu athletics event nie!! Exciting tul..

Nick Phillips said...

Track and field has always been a favourite of mine, seeing as how I love running so much :D

Oh, your layouts looks a little out la ... wonder why.

Kadus_Mama said...

Nick Phillips ~ Ya..track and field is one my fav too..
Alamak?? Again?? Hmmm..need to check whats wrong with my layout now..