Sep 29, 2008

I almost died yesterday!!!

I think i'm tired to write how boring is monday already! It's like I've been complaining about my monday like every week since i started to blog. What to do..monday always SUX!! hehe
Anyway, i got few msg in my chatbox saying there is a problem with my layout? Iya ka?? Because everything from my pc look normal pulak! Hmmmmm..i wonder what's wrong nie..
Yesterday something had happend and I almost died of heart attack when son said something that shocked me to hell!!! Me, My sis and my kids went to The Ramadan Bazaar somewhere around my housing area to buy some foods for dinner. (yeah!! I'm lazy to what?? hehe). While walking around looking for the nyummy..nyummy foods, son kinda tensed seeing so many people buzzing around, he started to wail and demanded to go back.
For 15 minutes, I've to hold son's hand and assured him everything will be alright. After i bought the delicious 'Ayam percik', I decided to back and was about to drag son with me when he say this to me:
Me : Ok come!! Time to go back!!
Son : What is your problem, pucker??? (or did he just say F*cker to me??????)
Me : *GRASP* What did you say just now???????
Son : *son whispered what he said earlier*
Me : *Almost died of heart attack* Why you say that???
Son : Ya lah!! What's your problem, pucker!!
Me : OMG!!!! *talk to sis!! Die lah!! My son now can curse already*
Sis : Ya lah!! He watched too much movie already lah..thats why!
Goodness!! Die!! I try to think which movie has that line..but i cannot remember any. Then i asked son again.
: Where did you hear that??? Who say that??
Son : Movie lah!
Me : You cannot say like that..Its very rude you know.
Son : *Totally blank* Why??
Me : Ya lah..even mommy don't say that..
Son : *still blank*
Then..i try to think hard again..could it be i mishear son??? Think..think..think!! Then..suddenly i remember!!!!!!!!! Phew!!! My son didn't really call me pucker or f*cker lah!!! If you watch spiderman movie 2 (if i'm not mistaken), there was this one scene Peter parker's boss scolded him and say this :
*Phewwwwwwwww* Thank God my son didn't cursed..or else, mommy has to spent her evening lecturing son on what to say and what not to say..! And as you already know, its not easy when it come to explain son what to say and what to not say..Imagine lah if he really did say F*cker..It's going to be a hell of a job for me to do the explaining..!
So like that lah..I thought I'm going to die already when I heard son yesterday..luckily its just a miscommunication. Hehee Suspension betul!!


Andrik McVean said...

argh..mamakadus...wah..bahaya anak ko kan? talampau tinguk TV bah tu..tau lah yellow culture urang bilang nie..banyak perkataan2 yang x spttnya kena cakap..but not his fault...he is young and don't know anything. Huuu...

Gallivanter said...

That's parking baddddd....

I wonder what's his logic of using that line from Spidey....hmmm......has he watched Southpark before? :-P

Little Inbox said...

He didn't say the wrong thing, it's you who listen wrongly. Hehehe...
You should educate him after completing the sentence then address the person whom he talks to. I think he can understand better.

Kadus_Mama said...

Andrik McVean ~ actually, nothing wrong juga bah dia cakap tu..bukan juga Vulgar kan..tapi sia yang tesalah dingar nie..hehe

Gallivanter ~ Hahahaaa!! Yeah it was parking bad..!!
Maybe he want to ask "whats your problem, mommy?" but instead of mommy, he buta-buta copy the line from I'm his parker lah..Hehe..I guess its like that!!
Nah!! No southpark for him..nanti habis kena quote suma the line yang ada!! hahahaha

Kadus_Mama said...

Little Inbox ~ Yeah!! Agree with was my mistake actually..i mishear him..hehehe!!
I already corrected him while in the car..hehee!! Told him parker is peter parker..and not next time, address the person he talk to correctly..

BrokenSatellite said...

enjoy reading your blog kadusmama!

"whats your problem parker"

if im a mother,I,myself will be shocked if my son said that!

nasib you didn't lumpakis him before siasat betul2~ :D

chegu carol said...

duii bah...funny sia baca ni oh.

trus sia ingat my nephew (cerita anak buah lagi)...masa dia kici, biasa kena kasi makan depan tv...and dia paling suka tinguk cartoon dia yg ada mickey mouse.

so one day, masa dia mo makan, dia minta lah tu maid kasi pasang tu cd cartoon. tapi tu maid x tau apa cartoon yg dia mau. trus tu maid pi ketuk my room and asked me to play the cd for him.

i asked lah my nephew which cd he wanted to watch. mati2 dia cakap, "i want to watch ITELISYES"...i oso confused cos mana ada cd cartoon dia yg title mcm itu.

sekali few minutes after that baru tu maid yg figured out. rupanya, dia mo tinguk tu cd yg title IT'S DELICIOUS. haha...dui bah....smpai mo menangis bah nephew sia psl kami tia paham apa dia ckp...hahaha

Nessa said...

Haha... kesian Kadus Mama. Mesti ko takajut basar kan :) Nasib baik miscommunication seja ba.

Wait till he's in primary school. My youngest boy, fuh, vocab dia bukan main lagi. But it's all due to influences from his school mates. Kadang ada word tu langsung sia inda paham cos dia banyak Indian/Chinese friends... susah la mo pi cari translator. Pening kapla oooh :(

Kadus_Mama said...

Brokensatellite ~ Hiyeee to you..thanx for dropping by in my blog ya..
Hehee!! Nasib juga sia bulum lumpakis!! kesian lah bah son kena lumpakis kalau teda salah kan..!

chegu carol ~ LOL!!! Kesian nya la bah ur nephew!! macam my daughter lah tu..selalu nda kena paham apa dia mau..macam sia saja paham apa dia cakap nie..

Nessa ~ I can imagine that..sekali masuk skul sudah!! habis lah..bermacam2 lah vocab my son nie..sekarang pun kira colorful sudah tu..nanti2 lagi lah!! *pening sudah awal2 nie*

Valtay said...

Tis good that u figured out he was just saying Parker. Anyway, once the kids start primary school you'll find the kids come home with enriched vocab. Even those four letter ones. They go to sch to learn, right?

urang ranau said...

saspen ja...but really kids tends to follow watever they hear/ see from the box. next time better make sure all the show are U (as per umum) hahahaha peter parker rupanya..saspen sia..

Nick Phillips said...

LOL! I would have died of heart attack too. But then he's a boy, eventually he's going to learn all those urmmm, 'nice' words ... LOL!

Mama Mia said...

bikin suspen story ko ni. at the beginning, mati2 sia ingat dia ckp tu F word..Phew! Naib baik miscomm sj..

Wel^Beiolman said...

Wahahaha..mama..nasib ko pasti ka ni.hehe..inda telampau movie suda ni...ko kana panggil si parker suda..hehe..lex ko ah...suspend jg la mama..hehe...

Anonymous said...

SYa mau buka sdh daa baju sya, mau transform jadi superman.. Mau pigi kasih slamat ko.. Ingatkan betul2 in a critical condition wakakaka..

Good one. Nasib baik ko ingat dr mana dia dapat tu line :D Klu ndak, abis son ko kana marah di rmh hehehe...

GregChai a.k.a. tukang kupi said...

i think the best thing to deal with it is to correct them without showing any sign of panic, or even shock, act normal, after all they don't understand what they're saying, more of imitating their favorite actor or what they heard or saw.

Being parents is hell of a task ya, children at that age tend to pick up word fast, they'll just imitate, we must not panic, stay calm. From now onwards no more movies ya, only disney channel hehe, sabar ko KadusMama.

Kadus_Mama said...

Valtay ~ Hi! Thanx for dropping by!
yeah..i was lucky i figure it out earlier or else, i will definitely give son my piece of mind which took at least 30mins minimum..hehe

urang ranau ~ Memang budak2 nie!! But macam mana nda mau kasi tingu, my son sendiri pandai pasang tu DVD player ba..even daughter pun pandai..hahaha!! apa lagi si abang..kadang2 dorang tingu katun, but my son nie kadang2 ada mood tingu spiderman dia..

Nick phillips ~ Yeah..i thought i'm going to die too i heard son said that..
But you are right..eventually, the 'nice word' will be in his is just in the matter of time..

Kadus_Mama said...

Mama mia ~ Fuh!! ko pun buli suspen..apa lagi sia yang kana panggil si parker!!! hahahaha!!

wel^beiolman ~ Fuh!! sia 100% sure nie..hehee!! sebab sia sudah tingu 1000 kali tu spiderman! cuma sia telupa jak hari tu sebab sia telampau tekejut!! heheee

Ornest ~ iya bah!! nasib sia teingat oh..kalau nda! kesian lah son nda pasal2 kena marah nie..hehe

Kadus_Mama said...

Gregchai a.k.a tukang kupi ~ It was just too hard to act normal when i had a shock of my life..! hehehe..
But it's true..son doesn't really understand all the words he repeats after the movies, but shocking you know!
I hope my son will continue watching Pooh's Movies..hehe at least i no need to worry about him too much, no??

Mimi said...

hahahaha... sya pun ingat dia betul2 cakap tu F word owh! sudah pun dia tense bcos byk org...

and ayam percik!!! i love ayam percik! malangnya.. teda sya nampak sini kk tau....

Joyce said...

Sia pun bulih fainted oh kalau dia cakap tu F work..!! Gila eh...bikin suspen saja.

Ada bah my hubby beli ayam percik sana tu pasar ramadan asia city...malangnya tinggal 1 hari lagi puasa...hehehe

Deana E said...

alamak ayam percik..i like that too but dunno where to get here. i only went to the ramadan bazzar once and itupun after i had my tea..just bought air tebu and i didn't even drink hahaha...hahaha your son is smart ba tu..

belleOFranau said... pun 'nakagagang @ kotigok' my heart kijap...adui..kalau betul dia subut that'parking' silap..die lah..uik cabaran as a mother o~~

Kadus_Mama said...

mimi ~ wah!! kalau dia cakap F word, sia pun nda tau apa macam mau react oh!! nda kan mau tapap kan??

Joyce ~ Iya bah..nasib si peter parker pulak kena cakap kan..kalau nda pengsan sudah..

Deana-e ~ worse kalau di sabah..i only know sembulan punya pasar ramadan..hehee

Kadus_Mama said...

belleofranau ~ Hehe!! sia pun kejutan elektrik hari tu..nasib cepat sia bepikir..kalau nda..habis lah!!
Itu baru cabaran kecil2 tu..ada lagi yang lebih mencabar..

Kobie Vanessa said...

ayoo sa ingat isaac cakap f****r oo adedeehhh hhehee

Kadus_Mama said...

Kobie Vanessa ~ adeh!! sia pun ingat si isaac cakap tu F word bah kobie..nasib sia salah paham jak..akaka!!