Sep 15, 2008

What ServiceSpider?

Arghhhhhh!!!! It's monday again!! How I hate my monday when there is so much things to be done. I woke up quite early this morning, only to have my head fell back to the comfy pillow that had been asking me to sleep. But, due to the strong determination to wake up, I managed to drag myself out from bed to shower and freshen myself up. My usual hectic monday morning sometimes really drive me crazy. If only I'm a boss of my own company, I'm sure I won't have to suffer from my daily routine.

Anyway, as I have mentioned in my previous post, "Busy..Busy..Busy", our company is currently overloaded with works. Last week, the number of running project was 16. That's not even included the miscellaneous works. I'm sure this week there will be another 4 projects coming in. Imagine how hectic our company now. Even I, who used to be so free while working (yeah i can blogged and work at the same time) am like 'lipas kudung' now! I have to run there, and really wish I can just chopped myself into two in order to finish all the need-to-finish works.

Maybe some of you have no idea what's the job nature of the company I'm currently working now. Well, we are doing ID renovation, specifically in joinery which consists of Built-in Furniture, Loose Furniture and mill work. At this moment we have two universities, Golf Club, SPA, Condo, Bungalow, Penthouse, few offices and even a bank that need a make over. All these projects are running at the same time, and its really drive all of us in the office nuts. (Its good for our bosses though)

Half complete office

Nice pantry cabinet. Anyone??

Hmmm..if you fancy to have a big wardrobe like this, you can give us a ring. hehee

For few years working with this company, I've gone through with so many customers who wanted to do a make-over for their house but have no idea where to start. Some only wanted a wardrobe, while the others only want a pantry cabinet, and of course there are those who wanted to do the whole house makeover. This people sometimes have no budget in their mind and simply state the amount they thought might be sufficient to do the things they wanted. How difficult it was for us to deal with them sometimes.

These customers ought to to register themselves with for their own convenience. This ServiceSpider is a website where a customers can auction off their home improvment or makeover to local contractors. A customers who wanted to do makeover for their house can put the job for auction and let the service providers (Contractor) to compete for the job. This service is definitely going to benefits these customers as :

  • Competitive prices because of the reversed auction process.
  • Convenient : They no need to call the contractors to get a quote.
  • Easy comparison between different contractors based on price and reputation.
  • Review feedback from other homeowners about contractors.
  • BONUS : NO fees for posting or awarding projects to contractors. It is absolutely free.

But what they have to do to get started with ServiceSpider :

  • Visit and Open an account at
  • Post their service request with text and photos on the site.
  • Award the request to the best contractor who best meets their requirement. (That simple!!!)

Phewwww...what a good service provided here. Maybe our company should register here as the service provider. Hehe We do have a good reputation with our quality of works mah! But...I'm sure some of you might be interested with the service provided in ServiceSpider, so why not check this site out and post your remodel and home improvement projects in this website. Another bonus for you, ServiceSpider is having a Fall 08 promotion for the new service buyers. I'm not telling what it is, you have to check it yourself.

Well, thats about my post today, I hope those who are interested will pay a visit to this website. Thanx guys...




chegu carol said...

i would love to have a fix wardrobe like in the picture but sia ni jenis yg suka kasi move furnitures kalau sdh bored nampak tu position.

btw...ini apa pnya paid post ni? SS jg kah? lain bah badge dia.

Nick Phillips said...

Strangely enough, I had a decent Monday :D And yeah, I wish to be my own boss too someday ...

Adora said...

You work with Interior Design pula. Pnya syiok tu, get inspired mcmana mo renovate rumah sendiri oh..

Ahaks~ The badge bah. I tot mine only yg different.

Kadus_Mama said...

Chegu carol ~ Hehehe kalau begitu besar punya full height cabinet, mana lah dapat kasi pindah-pindah tu..punya berat!!!But i also like that type of wardrobe..banyak barang boleh simpan kan..
:) iya ss punya post bah badge sudah.. :)

Nick phillips ~ You have a decent moday?? How weird!! hehehee
Lets pray we will be a boss of our own..

Adora ~ work with ID renovation company..siok juga lah!! sebab can learn so many things..
Hehehe..sia pun heran ko punya badge hari tu..lama sia bepikir mana ko register nie..hehehe

Kadus_Mama said...
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maslight said...

ohhh I love those wooden cabinets, hmm I have mirror in my room but it's covered by posters XD

Kadus_Mama said...

maslight ~ Yeah?? You can get one from our company..heheheeee

Choc Mint Girl said...

Ai, tunggu lah kami ada rumah sendiri hehe...

Kadus_Mama said...

Choc mint girl ~ pelan2 bah cuz..hehe kalau ada rumah sendiri, ok juga tu..

Nessa said...

Eeee... bestnya ko punya ofis ni, buat interior design and makeover. Sia rasa sia salah bidang la.

I love that type of wardrobe. Macam part of the wall kan, very neat. Brapa harga la tu konon? *Ish, ada konon lagi*

Sia tida qualify la dis opp, sedihnya :*(

Kadus_Mama said...

Nessa ~ Ya best!! kalau tia busy..hahaha if busy, penat lah..Erkkk?? ko mau bidang apa?? hehee
Macam tu punya cabinet ok juga..sebab dia full height and besar maka harganya 3k..but depends on the material juga bah tu..bulih kasi murah lagi kalau tia pakai material mahal..
Actually sia pun nda qualify..request slot bah nie..hehehe

Poppet said...

the cabinet price not bad juga kan... tunggulah sia dpt rumah basar hahahaha... skrg ni rumah kicik klu taruh cabinet gitu tiada sudah ruang tmpt jalan nanti hehehe..

Kadus_Mama said...

poppet ~ heheheee iya lah...nda pasal2 rumah tepenuh pasal tu cabinet jak kan..hehehee..banyak lagi benda menarik yang kami buat..but lain kali jak lah kasi iklan..

-Gina G- said...

I really want to see your house, mesti lawa ni kan KM?

Poppet said...

iyala betul tu gina g.. kadusmama, bah kasi tunjuk rumah ko, mesti complete kena design ni kan, maklumlah org2 dlm dia interior designers hehehe

Kobie Vanessa said...

Byk o projek company kmu Kadus, bah sound2 la big bos minta angpau ni thn, byk projek maa bilang, ehehee..kalu kamu di KK bleh jg minta tulng design2 perabot rumah kan? buli diskaun ka?hehehe

Kadus_Mama said...

-gina g- ~ ehhhh..tidak lah!! my house besa2 time baru kasi cantik kalau sudah ada budget..

poppet ~ eh!!! tidak lah..ko house belum buat makeover time lah kali..

kobie vanessa ~ memang banyak projek kami nie..tapi bonus sama jak pun..hahaha nda pandai bertambah..
simple design bulih bah..tapi bukan sia..hahaha mau tanya cw lah..hehehe