Mar 17, 2008

My sunday!

This is how i spend my sunday yesterday...

Me and hubby brought our kids to go swimming..Very Shiok because i no need to swim. I was the 'cameraLady' here

Tu mommy!! Inesha bilang

Punya shiok Inesha floating sana sini..

After i cooked our lunch and feed my and hubby went off to spend some of our time together. Since we married 5 years ago, we always bring our kids along wherever we went and of course we never had a time for ourselves. So for the first time in 5 years, me and hubby 'cabut lari' for 1 day to somewhere..mengada-ngada stay at Minister suite room konon..see-see..nothing special pun.

The living hall make the room status become minister suites..

Normal room saja pun

The bathroom is nice though, its quite big!

I can see people swimming outside..but no interest to swim myself, MALAS

Carousel Restaurant
At 7.45pm, me and hubby went to have our dinner. I choose a buffet dinner because i plan to eat banyak-banyak. Damn! It was a quite expensive dinner for two person. One person cost about RM70.00++ not including drinks. The two glasses of juice we ordered cost about RM31.00 (Gila babas punya mahal!! Bagus kalau sedap)


What we eat for our dinner?? THIS!!! The prawn was very delicious. Half cooked i think. But i don't like the oyster. I ate one and almost keluar balik the oyster. Hubby keep asking me to 'telan' the oyster. He say..don't chew..don't chew..telan saja! hehee So one oyster was enough for me. As for the prawns, ate so many of it. Its very fresh oh..2 -3 pcs definitely not enough! There were other food i ate as well like, curry fish head, curry prawn, lasagne, different type of lauk sotong, chicken, and banyak lagi lah. Forgot already.


I ate so many things that i forgot to take some photo of it..hehe Paling sedap was the dessert. I Makan the Tiramisu cake, coklat, cheese cake, walnut cake..wahahahahaa!! buncit terus perut!
Sekali the bill come, Atukoiii..cost us about RM157.00++ (after 20% dicounts pulak tu! Chit!!). Not really worth oh makan macam time teda sudah lah mau makan buffet at this hotel.
So that was my Sunday which was a very very busy and hectic day. But i love the moment very much because i really miss to spend my time with hubby alone. Akhirnya dapat juga.. hehee Jangan Jelous!!


chegu carol said...

haha...why? you find the oyster tasted funny? lansi? kalau ada lada putung sama limau, sedap tu mo sosop. But honestly, when i get the chance to eat at an expensive restaurant...itulah yg sia aim dulu. The prawns, lobsters, crabs, oysters, scallops...aduiii....berliur kalu ingat.

kaDus_Mama said...

chegu carol - SANGAT langsi itu oyster..hehe ikan pun kadang2 sia tia dapat tahan makan. Tapi itu prawn memang sedap lah! (teda scallops :( )

FredDass said...

Macam Fear Factor pula cerita makan oyster ni.. 'Couple Fear Factor'.. The husband keep pushing his wife to eat the 'benda2 ganjil'.. Hahahaha

kaDus_Mama said...

freddass - hahaha..cuople fear factor juga lah..but the oyster really taste that bad!! mau muntah makan