Mar 29, 2008

Married men with extramarital affair

I had a discussion with hubby previously. We were on our way back home from dating when I started our conversation. “Why some married men like to have a mistress ? Can’t they just stay faithful to their wife?” Me ask saja-saja “Maybe wife cannot give what they needed? Not enough pampering” Hubby makes assumption. “So how about those who are married but still like to spend their time with prostitute?” me again “Maybe boring with the wife already. Wife no fun one..” Hubby said again “HUH????!! If can get bored why marry at the first place? Somemore have kids already?”

Hubby didn’t answer me. Hehe He was too boring already debating the same issue all over again! Hehe This is not the first time i brought the issue to him. It's like the 1000 times since we get married.

Anyway, I do know some people who are already married, have few kids, and don’t have any qualm of guilty to have an extra marital affair with a younger girl or spend time with some whore. I did asked one of this scums about this issue before and his answer was.. “Tired working need to enjoy and release tension a bit” It was like a proud achievement for him to get a young girl that he can F***. Somore can show me the girl photo leh!! Not that super pretty pun! Ok lah!! Maybe less pretty than Ugly Betty lah!! His actions make my blood boiled oh!!

Why doesn’t he think in a positive way of releasing tension? If tension, bring the whole family go vacation lah. What?? Just because he is tired, his wife is not tired? Why not go enjoy with his family somewhere they can relax and spend their precious time together? Why not bring the whole family to enjoy the nicest food in town? Why not go SPA with the wife and spend more time together?

Arghhhhhh!!!!! Tension ni..i cannot accept the reason of being with another women or girl is simply because of working pressure. Don’t this people ever think that they are putting their family in risks?? What if the mistress or the prostitutes have HIV or AIDS? Then the husband get infected..then family member sick and needed his blood..sekali give blood to the son (example)..The Son who is sooooooo innocent also kena! And he had Sex with the wife..Another innocent victim kena AIDS! BODOH kah this people never think like that??

Do you know that AIDS and HIV cases are rising in alarming rate in Malaysia? In some cases, the pregnant wife got the disease from their unfaithful husband who is so tension at work and decided to ‘release his tension’ with a whore! So who kena?? Wife and the innocent baby who have to suffer until their last breath!

So what about the people who think they wanted to try for once ‘to release their tension’? One time only mah, it’s not like they going to do it any other time. This people should know and understand, with their one freaking mistake (want to enjoy), they can destroy their family. Who knows terus kena penyakit kah??? Everybody will suffer. True or not?

Ok lah! enough lah me stressing myself over this issue..Tired already! If you wondering why I’m suddenly so riled up, I’m PMSing and every issue discussed with hubby suddenly become so sensitive. Hehe kesian him bombarded by me on the married man moral issue!


Anonymous said...

kau ni kan... sa tau tu jwpn ur hubby mo ckp. :P tanya sa d YM lah

mungkin ada jenis wife, kalo husband balik, trus membebel2 ja... so makinlah tension! tapi bukan semualah, some only :P

mungkin ada yg jenis 'tension' mau release, tapi sang bini tia mo... so... tu lah jadinya

Unknown said...

sama2 gatal, yg si laki buaya, yg perempuan yg lagi satu pun gatal juga...tulah jadi begini.kdg2 bini teda salah pun sengaja si laki cari pasal, spy ada alasan mo keluar rumah la, tau2 pg cr gf dia...ishh bikin takut betul..touch wood (nmpk nya lama lagi la sy mo ber laki ni kwang3)

KaDusMama said...

rey - ahahahaa!! bah nanti sia tanya ko d YM lah..ahaks!!

Urg kita - iya..i'm talking about the husband yang gatal..alasan untuk cari perempuan lain..tekanan keja lah kenen..

Choc Mint Girl said...

Very typical of men. Even in a situation where the wife is considered as 'almost' perfect pun sometimes, the husband still ada mistress. Then, if something bad happens, wife yang kena blame!!!*sigh*

KaDusMama said...

iya bah cuz'..itu orang yang i know, his wife is just perfect..but it is still not enough for the husband..! sedih!!

Anonymous said...

they have to prove that they've "still got it!" hahahah...ego booster only maaa... the mysterious thrill of getting into an affair is an adrenaline rush for makes life more exciting isn't it :P
ok... to not disappoint my fellow eve-mates...I will stand by your side & say "men are dickheads" :P hahahah


KaDusMama said...

M - Ya!! who knows their 'it' is no more already..and the 'toot' not even functioning properly kan?? ahaha

Japrin said...

whuuyo.. this is an interesting story to discuss since almost people here is a mama or a papa.. :D Sometimes, I didn't feel comfortable when my wife keep asking me the same question everyday or every discussion time. This make me bored. For me as a human being, we aren't never ever been Satisfy. Thats the word. However, there's a limit for everything. That's the best for me.

KaDusMama said...

pirut - yes! we kinda get bored when the issue been brought up all over again kan?..but..i feel need to vent my frustration mah! So hubby is my target..haha pity him been lectured by me for hours! ekekee

Anonymous said...

"If can get bored why marry at the first place???"

what about ... " if u know your future husband will get bored with you... WHY you married him ???


KaDusMama said...

oii anon - wah?? garang juga? So if know can get bored..why not do something to kill the boredom right?? ish ish ish!! You wont't get bored unless you already decided you ARE going to be bored with him/her mah..