Mar 24, 2008

Don't get conned by this people...

I just checked my email a while ago and this the junks that i get....

With Respect, I am SAMUEL HENRY My parents Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Mundi Odinaga were assassinated here in BURKINA FASO . Before my father died, he had 10.200.00 MILLION UNITED STATES DOLLARS kept in a well concealed trunk box and deposited with a security company here in BURKINA FASO. I want you to do me a favour to receive this fund to a safe account in your country or any safer place as the beneficiary. I have plans to do investment in your country, like in real estate and industrial productions or any other profitable sector in your economy. This is my reasons for contacting you. Please if you are willing to assist me and my sister, indicate your interest by replying. PLEASE REPLY WITH THIS EMAIL ID Thanks and best regard. SAMUEL HENRY.
Shelburne ChambersTariro House,
40-41, Newington Green,
London, N16 9PR
Dear Friend,
I know we have not met in person but I have a very profiting proposal which I am sure you can handle. My name is Barr.Johnson Morgan QC. I am a Barrister and a member of the Queen's Council (QC) working with the reputable legal firm - Crown Office Chambers in London-UK and I am only contacting you to help claim deposited funds made by one of our clients who was involved in a fatal auto crash which killed him and his entire family in 2003.View the attached file and get back to me immediately,
Barr.Johnson Morgan QC


GOD!!! What is wrong with this Samuel and Johnson Morgan to send me this kind of email. Do they really believe i will be interested with the offer of "10.200.00million United States Dollars" (how much is it actually ah?? why put "." instead of ",") and don't know how much of amount of money by Mr. Johnson (Not dare to open the attachment in case he attached it with trojan kah) Maybe i should reply their email like this:
Dear Samuel Henry and Johnson Morgan,
WOW!! what a pleasant surprise for me to be chosen by you two to receive that huge amount of money though i'm not really sure the actual amount money you offer to me.
Why not you bank-in the money into my account first before i help you out with the investment. Once the money safely deposited into my account, i will contact you two as soon as possible. By the way, my account No. is 1234567890 at XXXX Bank.
I hope i will see my 10.200.00 million United States Dollars from Mr. Samuel and $$$??? by Mr. Johnson by tomorrow. Don't forget ya!!
Can or not i write like this? ;)
*If you receive this kind of email..just ignore it lah, nobody is going to give us money for no reason. Sure already the 'penipu' want to con you lah!


Anonymous said...

sia punya darling pun tulis number begitu T: 10.000 for instance...not using comma like we do. most foreigners I know write that way, like some of my customers. they write %10 instead of 10% too for example :)


kaDus_Mama said...

M - haha..really?? doesn't it look funny with the guy stating Million United States Dollars somemore? why not just put US$..? hehe standard lah kan US currency..(but i don't belive this kind of email JUNK la..hehe)

Sumandak said...

wahaha I always received this in my mail, who want to give away money just like dat o kan? But sadly there some people kena juga by dis email..

kaDus_Mama said...

sumandak - iya la!!! i don't understand why some people still bengong2 reply those junk email..

chegu carol said...

same here. i would just ignore those emails. Kalau betul pun, well, the worst thing is..i just missed the opportunity lah...LOL

kaDus_Mama said...

chegu carol - iya!! iya!! better missed the opportunity than rugi beribu2 lemon RM$$ kan..hehe

Choc Mint Girl said...

Ya, when I first received the email like this, long time ago in Bethlehem la ha ha, ada juga angan2that it was real... Wah so generous ka this people ha ha ha... Tembirang bangas bai ni. LOL!!!

kaDus_Mama said...

choc mint - ko tau kenapa sia gerigitan with all those junk email..suma cerita dorang sama mati kapal meletup..minta tulung claim the money..cuba lah dorang tukar sikit story..convincing juga kali