Mar 15, 2008

AESP the results?? check-up was completed yesterday without any difficulties or 'uncomfortablelities' or other bad bad event...So here is my story about my check up yesterday.

I reached the Health Screen Centre about 9.04am and went straight away to register myself. There were at least 40 other people that time. Means many 'Health Concerned' people were doing their check-up as well.

To cut my story short, i was asked to change my clothes to the attire provided by was a little big for me, so i kasi fashioned a bit the attire become like kimono. I saw some people also follow my style..hehehe

So here are the tests done on me and also the results :

> Blood test - Itu doctor is very good lah..he can cucuk my arm, take my blood and left only a small dot on my arm. No pain at all..eventhough i kepoh-kepoh see he suck-up my blood used the long syringe. The result for the test, PERFECT!! hehe Total Cholesterol, HDL and the other type of 'minyak-minyak' level are below the high risk. My liver is functioning well, glucose is low, non-reactive rheumatoid, cancer profile is good..tarak cell yang berkelakuan ganjil..except for my eosinophil counts which above the normal count. It supposed to be 1-6 but my reading is 9 (maybe i'm not feeling really well my white blood trying to fight the infection by producing an extra eosinophil).

> Urine test - Kencing pun sihat. hehe no ketones, no protein, pH almost neutral and nothing ganjil-ganjil with it. This shows that my kidney are also functioning well..

> X-Ray - My lungs is very healthy..wahahaha itu doctor say..the only not good thing about my x-ray stomach indicate that i'm very..very hungry that time..muahaha of course lah hungry.. I'd been fasting for almost 13hours oh..

> Eye Test - Wah!! I like this test very much..first the doctor lastik my eyes with 'don'tknow what the hell' was it..then i had to see the bus and passenger...then have to see the small-small house..the results are..OK! Left eye is perfect.. 0.00 of everything..but right eyes sudah sikit rosak..naked eyes sight reading is +0.25 (i don't know what the heck this is means) then the other one is -0.50 (apa barang sia pun tak tau!!). I was lazy to ask the doctor because at that moment, i still can see clearly with my eyes.
> Electrocardiogram test - Ini paling difficult!! the attendent connect so many wires to my body and told me don't move because she wanted to take my heart activities reading. I just cannot lie still because i balik-balik 'AH CHOOOOOO' . After the fourth attempt, i managed to hold my sneeze until she finished her test. Anyway..i scored very good with it. Belum ada blockage so far! huhuhu..

> Pap Smear - I want to give 5* rate to this DR. SHEILA..(Nasib baik perempuan). She done the test very..very profesional because i don't even feel anything while she korek-korek 'there'. Fuhhhh!! Result, not so good if based on the discharge appearance..alamak!! But i will know the full result within two weeks from now. If everything is ok and no abnormality to my cervix, they will just post the result..but if any weird-weird result come out, Dr. Sheila will personally call me..!(Pray nothing is wrong lah)

> General appearance - OK!! Sihat boobs kena raba-raba and thank god no lump or anything there..Nose also healthy, ear also healthy..suma healthy..hehee

My consulatation was done with Dr. Sheila. There are few other doctors actually but i kena put with Dr. Sheila which is good because she cannot stop giving compliment to me. She keep saying.. WOW!! WOW!! eveytime she saw my results. Haha.. Like WOW!! Your cholest level is very good.. WOW!! Very healthy heart..!! WOW!! Your lungs is clear indicating a healthy lungs..and many others..Forgot already because too many compliment. The best part was when i want to go off, Dr. Sheila shook my hand and said "It's very nice to meet a healthy and pretty young lady like you"..wahahahaha!! I gave her 5* rate when i fill the survey form..she is that good making people 'bontot kembang'.
So that was my check-up yesterday..I was so tired when i reached home. There was other story that i was lost at the highway on my way back home.. :) but will tell about it next time. For now, i'm feeling better and glad that i still have a healthy body (except the pap smear which i hope will be normal).


Just plain Sharon said...

Emm...i think i better be heading to the health screening centre also as I haven't done it in ages. Will blog about it.

kaDus_Mama said...

sharon - thats a very good idea!! Faster..faster go.. :)

chegu carol said...

wow! excellent health result. i think kalau sia pi check, first thing kena comment is my BP and weight. Mau pump more blood bah sia ni.

kaDus_Mama said...

chegu - comment the BP rendah kah tinggi? hehe mine a lil bit low juga..104/63 jak..ntah sihat kah tu? dr cakap ok jak