Mar 12, 2008

Advance Executive Health Screening (AESP)

I’m a lil’ bit nervous now because this coming Friday I have an appointment to do my long overdue AESP Medical check-up (see the name also like very grand already ekekeee). Can you imagine..long needle used to draw my blood. Eeeeeeeeeee.. 'takutnya'!!!! But Takut or not..I know I still have to do this medical check-up..Who knows some of my organs are failing without me knowing it? More scary!!

Anyway, my check-up is consist of Blood and Urine Test, Chest X-Ray (manatau ada sakit Liver ka??), Electrocardiogram (To see whether my heart still healthy or not), General Inspection, Physical Examination, Eye Examination and PAP SMEAR (Arggggghhh..lagi takut).

This will be my face when Dr. start poking me!

Out of all the test..I’m really scared with the Pap Smear..not because of discomfort but knowing that somebody going to ‘korek-korek’ there..Aiya!! If female doctor going to conduct this test..i might be little comfortable..but if male?? Think twice oh..maybe I’m not going to do it..hahaha Why I don’t want a male dr..?? Becuse I don’t like another male species poking my most private part…Even my 2 deliveries were attended by female nurse and female doctor…No offend ya male doctor..! I just don’t like you..heheheee

Ok..there are few rules I have to follow before doing the check-up (ada juga rules bah)

1. I have to fast 8 hours from midnight. (Sei lor..lapar lah macam nie)
2. No contact lens (nasib baik mata masih Ok)
3. No alcohol for 48 hours before check-up ( I don’t drink alcohol anyway)
4. No Jewelry (hmmm..not sure why..hehehe)
5. No sexual intercourse (ya lah..ya lah..tahan lah for 2 days lah)
6. No douching (find in the dictionary what douching means lah)

This medical check-up will be done at Country Height Health Screen at Palace of The Golden Horses..Ai satu keja lagi..have to drive least 45 minutes from my place..Hmmm..malasnya! sudah lah jam gila babas going there..

Ok lah..i hope I won’t faint seeing all the medical equipment this Friday.. if not..ayoo malunya..sure I will be in the paper come Saturday morning for fainting while doing medical check-up..some more front page pulak tu! hahaha

Ok..Ok..last advice.. PREVENTION IS ALWAYS BETTER THAN you all out there..don’t forget to do your medical check-up..


Anonymous said...

hi my 1st time here.

i knw what u mean by the discomfort when doing the pap smear...even worst when its done by male doctors.

in all my pap smear accounts, all were done by male doctors. i got used to it to the extend bila doctor bilang, ' ok mau check bawah sana ah'...i jumped on the preparation bed and start to kangkang. Haha

anyways, good luck for your medical check up. That reminds me, i havent done my fully check up as well.

KaDusMama said...

hi chegu carol...punya funny bah terus kangkang..hahaha but i really hope i won't get scared this friday..*kaki shaking now*

Anonymous said...

oh dear.. that reminds me that i have to do mine to soon. But i HATE NEEDLE!!! I hate blood test! Back in year 2005 i had blue black marks on my whole arm for one week!Just because of that blood test!ADeh deh...celaka betul.

KaDusMama said...

emelda - iya..if the dr tidak terror use the needle..then mesti blue black the whole arm..luckily i never had that yet..*touchwood* bidah nanti tangan..Bah cepat ko buat ur check-up..hehe

Kobie Vanessa said...

hehe..I never do the PAP Smear yet even dat I work in d hospital..But through my colleagues experienced, they said that it was a bit hurt becoz they cucuk something inside our vagina..ouchh!! But as Kadus_mama said, prevention is better than, we better check-up!! heheh

KaDusMama said...

sumandak sabah - hehe..u can get a free pap smear right?? bah apa lagi..fully utilize bah the benefit..its not that hurt bah tu..just a lil bit uncomfortable..
(bah cepat p buat ur's..hehe)

Anonymous said...

lah... pap smear untuk check di bawah ka plak?
so scary.. so malu.. very uncomfortable liao!
kana cucuk somemore.. isk! inda sanggup sia!..
dat tis means u need to shave? kalu tidak, hairy macam cecil cheung..


KaDusMama said...

ms_bonong - wakakaka sempat lagi ko kasi kait cecilia chung ah..anyway..itu pap smear itu untuk check any abnornamlity d cervix bah tu..kalau perempuan yang check nda berapa malu..but if lelaki?? pastu dia p kurik2 lagi?? arghhhh tidak!!