Mar 15, 2008

REWARD for myself

How i reward my starving stomach after i'd finished my check up??
This is how.. heheheheee
Spend RM28.75 for delicious food!!

Drink 1 pot of Tea

My tea condiment; condensed milk and special sugar

Look at the sugar...!!! Very special!!

3 tier of food!! muahahahaaa

The fruit tart is very delicious

That is how!! hehe Well don't be deceived by the food quantity and size..It is actually very small. I didn't managed to finish it, so i 'tapau' balik rumah. But this delicious food didn't managed to reach home because i ate it all while driving back home. Hehee So..Here i am suggesting to you all the way you are supposed to treat yourselves when you have done something good! ;)


Anonymous said...

mana ni tempat? mau try lah...

KaDusMama said...

rey - sana palace of golden horses coffee house

Anonymous said...

waaaaaaaaaaa....that look so good now for hungry!!

KaDusMama said...

emelda - NYUMMMMM!! hehe memang delicious!!

Anonymous said...

ok... thanks

If ada TIME & $$$, then sa mo pigi :P

KaDusMama said...

rey - iya p jak..siok tu lepak2 sambil makan2..and..dekat jak dari rumah ko pun..;)