Mar 29, 2008

Painter found dead with burn marks - The Star

Celaka lah the people who langgar the tiang electric somewhere near our office today..for the whole day we have no internet connection, no phone line, no fax line. All disconnected because of the stupid people who was so blind ramming tiang yang begitu besar..see i want to update blog while working also cannot..hehe now only can update..
Anyway, our office received a very saddening and shocking news when we have just started our day. At 9.45am, one of our lorry drivers told us (the staffs) that somebody has passed away and it was not in a really nice way of dying. One of our varnishers had just died. The news about his death was all over the paper like Sin Chew Paper, China Press and also The Star Online.
Since nobody really knew the causes of his death, there were few speculations made on how he died: 1. He suicides by hanging himself (teruk lah who told us this! Definitely not true) 2. He was sick (could be) 3. He met an accident, at home (Maybe!)
The post mortem result is already out. But we still have no clue on the mystery surrounding his death. Maybe family member know lah..but we don't!!! Kesian oh!!!! Though I barely know him (I only know his name and face through his IC. You know lah, I’m the person who submits his name to the site he was working at), I’m hoping his family will be strong enough to face this hard reality of losing their beloved one.