Mar 24, 2008

HDPE Scrap to Save our Planet

Do we all know that our world is getting crowded with all the plastic type of wastes we dumped everyday? Do you happen to know that I have a Degree in Environmental Science? SURPRISE!! Hehe. During university time, I had one subject which required us the students to dig, analysed, and weighed the wastes generated at one of the famous shopping complex in Seri Kembangan. Oh yes!!! I was the idiot you saw digging the garbage bin last time. In this assignment, me and coursemates had concluded that the most waste produced were food wastes and plastic wastes. There is not much thing can be done with the food wastes but there is sure a lot of way for plastic especially HDPE to be recycled. Probably not many of us have ever heard of High Density Polyethylene or sweetly known as HDPE. Just think of your detergent bottle, garbage containers, snack food packaging, carrier bags, bottles, barrels, drums and many others. All this stuffs are made from HDPE and all these stuffs can be scrapped to be recycled. The scrapping process is called HDPE Scrap. To Scrap HDPE , the HDPE wastes are sorted according to shapes, forms and colors and scrapped into the form of postConsumer HDPE Scrap, HDPE film trimmings, HDPE grocery bags, HDPE shreadings and few others form as stated here. All these forms can be baled, loose, compacted into secured bundles, rolls, etc. So if you are in the line of manufacturing HDPE type of plastic and have a thought to save our planet by recycling, why not visit HDPE Scrap to get a better information.