Mar 29, 2008

'Karipap' from Puchong

Wah! Today my boss is suddenly so generous with me. He gave me Curry Puff oh! And mind you, I’m the only one got to eat the delicious curry puff. He bought two, and gave me one.

Big Delicious CurryPuff

TT, you sudah pernah makan karipap harga RM1.50 kah?” Boss asked

Huh??” I almost want to tell him I ate a RM5.50 curry puff before..but tidak sampai hati pulak want to tell him. So smile saja..

“Nah! I bought this karipap somewhere at Puchong..Banyak sedap!” Boss said.

“Uh la la! TQ very much!” I’m so happy because I was sooo verrrrrrrrry hungry just now.

Why I’m the only one get karipap sedap itu? Because as this one quote, “Buat Baik di Balas baik” (If you do a good deed, you will receive the same goodness from other people? Hahaa betul kah nie?). Usually when my boss want to look for something to eat, he will come to me for biscuits, chocolate lah and whatever snacks I have with me. I have a cabinet where i keep my 'makanan ' mah. Maybe thats why he gave me one as an exchange of my other biscuits next time. Haha!

Ok lah! Ok lah! I Want to go off from office already. So That the end of story of good deed being repaid with Puchong CurryPuff. Happy Weekend everybody!


papajoneh said...

HI there Kadusmama?
Memang cute anak2 kau dis..
bah sudah sia add kau dalam tu Sabahan Bloggers List.

Harap dapat lah kau turun 2nd August, Saturday. Biar semua orang kadus2 berjumpa :D

Bah jumpa lagi... :)

kaDus_Mama said...

Hi papajoneh..thanx for dropping by! You kids pun kiut jga tu! Mata besar.. :)
Hope sia dapat pigi lah tu gathering..susah mau terbang with kids ni kalau teda orang mau tulung jaga..

Choc Mint Girl said...

Good la if your boss macam tu. As long as teda udang di sebalik 'mee' ha ha ha...

kaDus_Mama said...

choc mint, hahahaa..iya! kalau ada 'udang', HABIS lah!!

Ratu Syura said...

bahhh.. nanti i also wanna do good deeds.. tgk dapat ka ndak karipap ni ahhh.. haha..

kaDus_Mama said...

ratu~hopefully you can get cheesecake lah! karipap nda cukup tu.. :)