Mar 6, 2008

I want to KILL somebody now!!!!

What will you feel when your most important things suddenly disappeared???
Let say your MONEY...or your most expensive bag?

I reached office quite early this morning when our accountant told me somebody broke-in into our office. I didn't feel anything at first until i noticed that my external hardisk had gone missing. The stupid burglar 'sapu' two laptops, my external HD and my colleague's coins. "APA PUNYA BODOH LAH" this burglar or maybe it's burglars? I already hide my HD somewhere below my table pun he still can see it. And why only take my value pun..he should take all the expensive computers, fax machine, photocopy machines, maybe all the 10 printers here mah..

Lubang kena korek by burglar..Bodoh betul..kasi lah pecah the need to sweat cut the wall mah!!!

Some more cut cantik-cantik the wall to open the door..why not just break the glass???

Well why should i be angry right?? its only HD mah..not the whole pc..or cpu pun..I'm angry because i keep all my kids photos since they were born until my son's recent birthday inside my HD..ARGHHHHHH!!!!! I have nothing to worry about me being famous like Edison's Juicy photos leaked out in internet..but losing all of my kids and my family photos??? and not to mention all my works?? *sigh* If you are wondering if i have a back-up of my family's photos?? yes i do..but not all of them..and i took more than 500 photos for this past 3 months..all gone just like that!!! Mana mau cari balik oh?? if i had deleted it..nevermind..i still can recover all the deleted files..but kena curi??

Inside my heart now..i'm cursing the 'pencuri' supaya he lost his hand..or break his legs kah..or 'putus' jari kah..God give him hand and legs, what he had done?? use his limbs to climb up the wall and steal people's stuff..better tell him to kill himself than become a rubbish to the society!

I'm trying to be positive and calm myself now..but it is just impossible. I'm hoping i can get my HD back but i know that not going to happen..sedihnya!! All i can do is..pray that whoever buy the HD from the burglar read my blog and have a conscience to return it back to the me..I'm willing to pay maybe RM300 for it..For GOD sake..its a stolen item..don't add more sin lah..!

Now i can only hope for miracle to happen. Hopefully i will see my HD at our office doorstep tomorrow!! Amen!!


urg kita said...

hrp2 tu penakau "teringat" la mo kasi balik tu HD, heran2 of all other things why must he took the HD, hoping for another Edison Chen thingy is it??? opps..anyway,lets together pray so that tommorow morning your HD is back on your table (or at least in front of your office entrance)

Choc Mint Girl said...

Oh, cuz! Sorry to hear about this... SO bad and SO sad... and of course, bikin panas!!! Haiii...

If you have cool down a bit, check out this tag:-

Links Around the World

Take care!!! :)

kaDus_Mama said...

urg kita - sad!! teda tu HD pun..have to accept that i lost it forever..

Choc mint - memang sedih! i even lost all our photos at genting.. masih maradang lagi nie!

Diane said...

Sorry to hear,this IS really sad news.

kaDus_Mama said...

Diane - IS really sad..but i have to accept the fact that i lost my kids pix forever.. :(

Anonymous said...

oh dear,i would be pissed too if my pictures gone missing.Picture is a valuable thing for me..I love my pictures.

Oh well, i hope everything is fine at your side.

kaDus_Mama said...

emelda - I Love my pix very much too..that why I'm still maradang until now..but nothing can be done..Thank God friendster still stores some of my pix..if not?? double meradang..

cicak said...

alamak, lambat bloghop, i didn't know ada misfortune sama ko o kadusmama. nnt sa sindaat tu pencuri supaya dia tebirak karuk...

always do a backup - for your precious files.
never know when the storm is going to come.

kaDus_Mama said...

cicak..bah ko tulung sia sindaat tu pencuri ah..harap dia tebirak jagung 1 tahun..hahaha
itu lah bah sia tia sempat buat backup..yang lain ada juga..tapi nda cukup.. :( apa pun start from now..buat backup sudah lah..