Mar 5, 2008

Son's Birthday

Yesterday was son's birthday..and it was celebrated in a simple way..just family..NO special food except the 1/2kg cake. I try to find santa claus cake as requested by son, but no avail. Only manage to get this 'spiderman + pooh in the jungle' cake. Luckily son didn't complain much. He was too happy to get a spiderman cake for his birthday.

So after we sing the birthday song (son is the loudest!!), hubby gave son a present. And the present is this horrible looking monster. I was speechless to see it that i don't know what to say!

Son taking picture with his new superhero, "Titus". As i observed him, i noticed he was more interested with the villain 'Argus' than the staring hero. alala..susah lah nie..

Its kinda funny last nite when me and hubby were the excited one' to take picture of son's new toys.. both of us sprawling on the floor trying to get the best angle to take photo of superhero and villain. Like crazy, saiko stalker trying to take people picture like that..hehe

After we finished with our photo session, son want suddenly want to be a superhero..haha he asked daddy to help him with the cape and wore the BIG goggle. I'm not sure what is the significant of big goggle being a superhero. But me as a good mommy, just let him dressed the way he want lah..

Well that about son's 4th birthday..As a birthday wish, I'm wishing dear son a good health and many-many good things for him this year. And of course i'm hoping he will listen me more next time.


Choc Mint Girl said...

Punya 'bidaaa' itu monster ha ha ha... At least, kids don't mind that kan he he he...

kaDus_Mama said...

itu la..i was speechless bah nampak! hehe nasib isaac suka juga!