Mar 4, 2008


Today is Dear son's 4th birthday..
So the Mommy want to sing a song for him..

Happy Birthday to la la..

Happy Birthday to la la..

Happy birthday to la la..

Happy birthday to you! la la la

This morning son has requested a 'santa claus cake' and a spiderman monster present for him. He want his cake to be the same like christmas cake last year...mana mau cari oh??

This is Christmas's cake and not birthday cake

Hopefully i can find a cake look like this one..if not...finish lah me..sure son will bising-bising!


Choc Mint Girl said...

Ha ha... Santa Claus?! So funny + cute!! ;D

"Happy B'day, Isaac!!!" :)

kaDus_Mama said...'s very cute!! n i cannot find it yesterday..hehe