Mar 10, 2008

Diamond oh Diamond!

If somebody special in your life presents a nice big diamond ring to propose to you, what are you going to do and say?? Will you jump in excitement and Say YES!! I DO..or look at the ring and say.."That small?? HELL NO!!"

That ring you see is my wedding band and I have been wearing it for 5 years now. If you have been wondering how many carat the diamond is..Don’t worry it is probably less than 0.0001 carat..hehee its very small diamond only lah..cost less than 1K..

I merely was testing my ‘kecampinan’ (skill) to take small thing’s photo that day. hehe Using a cheap and not so sophisticated device, I manage to capture my ring’s picture (After quite many attempts actually..hehe). Nyehhhh…mau jadi photographer nie!

Wah if can get diamond this big..what am i suppose to feel??

Anyway, do you care much about your wedding ring? Do want something big, grand and super shiny-shiny ring? or just plain and simple band is enough? Do tell me.. ;) I'm curious because i don't really bother about my wedding ring.


Anonymous said...

heheheh.I think everytime when it come to this matter Daniel mesti sakit kepala...cos i want to have diamond ring as my wedding does not have to be 1 karat but big enough for it to shine! HAHAHAHAHAH..

kaDus_Mama said...

emelda - whahahaha..habis lah if like that..But diamond memang nice kan.. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh YES!! Its not nice but its Gorgeous!!! LOL!!! We already owned one couple ring now actually ...with diamonds on it..but its too tiny that you cant see it blinks! happy to found this botak of mine. :D

kaDus_Mama said...

emelda - Its very nice of you to own couple ring...nevermind with the small diamond..Just make sure the size will increase next time..hehehe

Lil' Ms Pinky said...

I would very much love to say that 'size doesn't matter' but leh...although I don't mind the size, there are many kay-poh-chees out there who would bombard me with endless questions! And so, I conclude that my engagement ring should ideally be 0.5 ct, and my wedding band should be just a plain platinum band.

Apa macam? Melampau ke ni? :(

kaDus_Mama said...

lil ms pinky - hehe 0.5ct?? tak melampau if your other half can afford it.. :)