Mar 3, 2008

The '8's Tag

Yay! I've been tagged by Cicak for this '8's things about you..hehe No is The '8's only..So here are my 8's 8 things I’m passionate about: 1. Clothing (Have to make a choice on what to wear to work and to sleep..) 2. Books!! (I have lots of it..but i need some times to read it.. ) 3. Education (I always love to kah..spelling kah..or anything that is new) 4. My kids (They are not thing but i'm passionate about them..When i'm in office i cannot stop thinking about them) 5. My eyebrow (No comment! hehe) 6. Earrings (i think i have so many already..i really like to buy earring..but only wore 2-3 of it) 7. Cooking (Favourite is still kari nangka ..NYUMMMMMMMM) 8. Santut!! hahahaha (i have collection oh) 8 things I say often: 1. What??? (Too lazy want to ask the full sentence) 2. Bongoh!! (same meaning like Stupid) 3. alalalalala! (I guess its the same like 'ayoyoyo') 4. kambeng !! (goat?? haha)!! (I sometimes call my sister this she doesn't want to listen what i want to say) 5. Babe (Call my husband) 6. Morning..Mar*me*a! (Have to say this for 500 times a day when i'm at office) 7. Ntah laitu..(Don't know) 8. Apaitu? (meaning what is it?..usually i will say this if i return my dad or mom or brothers or sisters miss calls) 8 books I’ve read recently: 1. Malaysian Women's Weekly (Cicak say magazine also counted as a book! hehe) 2. Parenthood Magazine (Its a written paper! its a book lah!) 3. What To expect in toddler years 4. Readers Digest (I'm used to be the subscriber) 5. Shadow Dance (i like!!..i like this book very much) 6. Is a whole stack of drawing counted as a book?? hehee 7. Vietnamese Made Simple (i have to read this..we have so many Vietnamese workers.. so learning a bit of their language is bagus for me) 8. Prescription of passion (wakaka! I get this book FOC..itu viagra company gave this book to public last time..Nice book to read because its very who want to borrow let me know. hehe) 8 things to do before I die: 1. Make sure my insurance policy is enough to cover my kids edu next time 2. Go back kampung and salam(shake hand) with all my relatives 3. Go to studio and take a nice photo..At least my family can see me in pretty clothes. 4. Ehem..ehem..puas-puas with my beloved husband..hehehe 5. Stock up the food for few years in my house. If i die, who is going to buy the grocerries?? 6. Spend more times with my kids and tell them 1 million times how much i love them.. 7. Go to ROME.. 8. Blog more paid post and put all the money in my kids saving account. 8 songs I could listen to over and over again: 1. Escape - Enrique 2. Piece of me - Britney Spears 3. Radar - Britney Spears 4. Hot As Ice - Britney Spears 5. Clumsy - Fergie 6. Wake me up when... - Green Day 7. Tiwas (If i'm sleepy i will listen to this song to be refreshed! hehe) 8. When i die - No mercy (like 15 years already listening to this song) 8 things I learn in the last year: 1. Having 1 kid is easier than having 2 kids 2. My son and daughter have different personality 3. I learned that my wrinkles is getting obvious ( Old already..kesian!) 4. I can scream very loud when i'm angry with my kids (the whole apartment can hear me) 5. Breastfeeding can save a lots of money..hahaha 6. Having 2 kids is very expensive. 7. Backing-up my sim card is very important. I lost all my contacts last year when my handphone condemn! 'keteh'! 8. Even i fight (bukan betumbuk lah!) with husband and say in my heart i HATE him..i know i still love him very much!! Akaka bongoh tul mau begaduh. and lastly, the 8 people i want to tag are.. ChocMintGirl, Sharon, lil'mspinky, Man-D and Nyumix (tidak cukup 8 pun ok bah kan??)


Choc Mint Girl said...

So many 8 things kan... "Tiwas, tiwas..." he he he he he... Actually, I was tagged before, but haven't put it up yet. Anyway, thanks for the tag, cuz! ;D

Lil' Ms Pinky said...

Hey thanks for the tag. Will do it soon. :)