Mar 18, 2008

Hey..i did blog last time..

I just realized that i did blog in friendster before..eventhough there were only 6 entries, but it is still called blogging right?? I actually like one of my post because it is VERY TRUE and ACCURATE.. Here is my 5th post in my 'expired' blog in friendster...
Title : The VERY bad driver..(I've edited a bit of the content)
I've been driving for quite sometimes now and each of everyday, i'm getting irritated with the attitude of some bad driver... Here are the TOP 11 of the bad driver:
1) The Que Jumper - This driver is shamelessly make a quick way by jumping que and even driving from the opposite direction without thinking other driver safety, just to make sure they reach their destinantion on time! (Hate this driver very much, every morning i will meet at least 20 Q' Jumper drivers on the way to Sg. Buloh)
2)The Arrogant Driver - This driver refused to give way to other car thinking the road belong to them..(What is wrong with giving a way to other car lah??)
3) The impatient Driver - This driver like to honk if you are a second late to budge your car when the traffic light turn green. (Masuk gear also need to take at least 1 second right??)
4) The Suicidal driver - This driver usually like to plunge his/her car to the main way at the junction when there are another car coming so near. (didn't make a move when another car is still far..far away)
5). The Flasher - This happend to me before as this Trailer Driver keep flashing me (he wanted to overtake) though my car was already running 110km/hr (im in 2nd lane at Highway) I thought trailer speed limit is 80/90km/hr???? and they supposed to be in left lane????
6) The Dumper - These drivers like to throw rubbish out from their could be a big plastic of rubbish, fruit skin, ciggarete butt and others we consider as rubbish.
7) The confused Driver - This driver just doesn't know where he/she moment the signal is to turn left..and the second, the car turn right.
8) The Maniac Driver - These drivers speed their car like devil..if they can go until 300km/hr, i think they will do it..
9) The Snail Driver - Ok, nothing wrong with driving slow..but please not tooooooo slow...50km/hr at highway?? emmm..isn't that too slow and dangerous??
10) The NO-Signal-Driver - This driver like to make a turn or manoeuvre with no signal. What so difficult to turn the signal on?
11) The Glow in The Dark Driver - Doesn't switch on he/her light even when its already dark. This driver probably think his/her car can glow in the dark and other people can see her/him.
I might not be a super duper good driver but at least i try to be one. So please..Drive carefully and don't let yourself be in the "Statistics"..
.................................... that was my blog entry last year. Do you agree with the bad drivers list? Which one do hate the most?? or you want to add another species of bad driver. Please..jangan malu-malu add.. :)


Anonymous said...

no more worry!

atok 'sammy value' is no longer the menteri JKR..
pray the new menteri comes out with better approaches and methods on how to 'teach' all the 'rascal' drivers.. hehehe..
mangkali last time, when atok cakap, turns out to be a joke-joke by others people only.. kesian kan..
teda mau dingar bah..

KaDusMama said...

ms_bonong - apa macam mau tangkap those crazy driver ah?? hopefully the new menteri will do something lah..