Jun 7, 2008

Easier to say than to do....

It has been 6 days since our fuel has increased and I can already feel the aftermath of this unfortunate event. But what really pissed me off when our govt. has the guts to tell us, The Rakyat the way on how to save money. There are few suggestion made by our so clever economist minister. I'm sure you will #$@#@#$ like me..!! Here are the few ridiculous suggestions made :

  • Drive our car 100km/hr or less.. so what if i drive my car 80km/hr - 90km/hr now? Does it make any difference?
  • Do not brake your car too often..If I'm already stucked in jam in kl, I just simply ram the car infront lah..cannot brake too often mah..brake is a neccesity not an alternative we can choose whether to use it or not. They cannot simply tell us not to use it too often
  • Turn off your air-cond while driving..(kononnya use the fresh air to air our car lah)..then what?? eat and breath all the black smoke emitted from big lorry?
  • Change our lifestyle. eg. No more drinking starbuck coffee. What if the people don't even drink starbuck coffee??
  • And the most moronic suggestion is, plant our own veggie at home, and of course we can rear a chicken or two at our backyard. Hahaha! If I live in apartment? Tanam dalam pasu bunga kah?? DUH!!! And where do I have to put my chicken?

It is easier for those so called clever minister to give 1000 suggestions or advices to the Rakyat, but they have no idea how we have to cope really hard in order to survive. Of course they can say its hard, but they have nothing to worry. What to worry?? The increment of fuel price is not the matter, it is the hike of other good prices that bring sooo much problem. I went to the 'Pasar' somewhere near my house yesterday, and RM50 can only get so little things.

  • 3 carrots + 4 tommatos + small lotus root = RM10
  • Fish : Ikan Kembung, ikan tenggiri 4 small pcs, ikan merah = RM17.00 (only few pcs i tell you)
  • Fish Ball + Tauhu = RM5
  • Salted egg + few biji of potatoes + other = RM8
  • 3 Biji small 'chang' = RM6 (It used to cost about RM1.30..but they increased the price to RM2. Alasan, price of rice + petrol increased)

Can you imagine what will happen to those who survive with less than RM1000 income? They don't own a car, and only rely on our public transport (also increased their fare). I don't think the boss will increase their salary..so how are they going to survive after this??

One more thing, in case you never buy maggi for long time, the price has gone up from RM2.50 to RM4 (a packet of 5)! Maggi also can increase soooooooo much, what more of other goods right? *sigh*

p/s : Tired already talking about petrol things story..


M@uRiNe said...

Ingat pula saya tu iklan apa tu... tiap kali turun bukit kasi off engine hehehe... memang gilos ni...

Semua harga barang naik. Ko tau harga ikan sardin kingcup saiz kecik pun sudah RM2.70. RM1 naik oh... Telur ayam gred C pun 50sen 1biji.

Kadus_Mama said...

m@urine ~ hahaha!! hotlink punya iklan bah tu kan..yang tukar2 bulb lampu lagi..

sini pun bah..punya lah terasa kenaikkan barang mendadak..mana ko beli telur ayam sampai 50sen???? OMG punya mahal!! sia sini kira luxury sudah makan telur tu..sebab sedap and cheap.. :)

Shemah said...

i also terpikir iklan that maurine cakap tu!! LOL! And the tukar2 bulb one!

Tapi this minister sudah crazy kah stupid kah apa dia ni?? Imagine you hari2 pi kerja kah or whatever di kl and drive with the window open. Ada hujung2 u kena penyakit and have to spend more!

Gila bah sudah diorang ni. Asking people for the impossible and sucking us dry while they're at it! Maggi pun rm4 sudahhh?? OMG!

And harga ikan basung pun rm7 per kilo!!! Padahal last time rm1 you can get alot oredi di pasar putatan sana! Doiiiiii..

urang ranau said...

kesimpulan nya. sia rasa tau suda apa "derang" mo buat:

1) kurang kan population (laki bini gaduh pasal duit, jd teda la aktiviti malam, teda lah baby)

2) kurang kan aktiviti malam, sia dengar tu "ayam" naik harga suda sbb harga make up naik, bapa2 budak pun kurang suda 3-1o sebab duit bikin beli beras yg 5kilo rm50

3) semua makan angin di rumah sj (angin di rumah perasa apple bah), harga minyak naik, jd kurang kesesakan lalu lintas

4) banyak lagi, nnt la sia tulis dlm report..heheheheh

jadi kepada semua (tmasuk sia) : sabar LAHHHHHH semua.. ;)

Kadus_Mama said...

shemah ~ ya bah! they tell us the impossible bah kan..how can they expect us to change our lifestyle when it is already yang paling minimum sudah..padahal them?? nah fully subsidised by rakyat!
Ikan basung RM7??? WAH!!!! thats like the cheapest ikan d market tu kan? punya lah!!

urang ranau ~ hahahaha!! punya lucu bah andaian ko! ahaks!! kurang population pasal tu kah? hahahaaaa

Lab papa said...

MY GOSH..since I left Malaysia, Maggie mee price has already sky rocketing to RM4. Then it might be something like RM5 in Sabah???...hahaha (unhappy laugh).

So, nowadays, you can't really say maggie mee is a poor-man's food (but I like maggie a LOT).

What to do kadusmama, those people if you consider them as people...well couldn't say much here right.

Kadusmama, because you live in apartment, I think you should consider hydroponic to grow vegetables...hahaha (laughing in despair)..aduiii

Kadus_Mama said...

lab papa ~ Iya! eating maggi now macam luxury treat sudah bah..bukan lagi makanan untuk emergency! hahaha sabah sama juga like here..also Rm4++

I don't know what i'm going to plant in my house..(pstt..nanti hubby sia bising! ahaks!!)

Nick Phillips said...

If I change my lifestyle anymore, I'd end up reverting to caveman times la!

And Maggi mee is now RM4? OMG! And here I was thinking of eating instant noddles for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

I wonder if my neighbour will let me keep some cows and kambings in my yard ... LOL!

Kadus_Mama said...

nick ~ Hahahaa!! Do you think maggi mee is cheap now?? Expensive man..I was like "WHAT????? RM4???"

Eh..you should tell your neighbour to share the kambings and lembus..hehehee At least the cost will be divided into 2..and you still can enjoy nice food..(how abour curry kambings?? hehehehee)

chegu carol said...

I dunno what to comment about these things in regard with price hike...fed up sdh sa. Penat mo fikir pun ada. Kin panas.

Pity you guys living in the city oh TT...sana lagi high cost of living. *sigh*

Kadus_Mama said...

Chegu carol ~ hahaha!! actually sia pun fed up sudah..tapi kalau bottle up saja, nanti lagi tension..so melepas geram d blog bah..
Tinggal city memang worse oh! terasa tul..*sigh juga*

little inbox said...

Wakakaka...protest kuat kuat nia. Wow, now I know how high the cost living in KL. Here in Penang, still ok. I'll try not to dine out, but to cook on my own instead. Healthier also, isn't it?

Kadus_Mama said...

little inbox ~ It is still high cost in Penang..but in kl..its crazy! I do cook sometimes..weekend only la, no time to cook weekday ma..lucky my MIL cook for us.. :)

Kobie said...

me oso fed up oredi pasal price hike ni..hve to cut on my entertainment expenses oo..huaaaa...!!!

Kadus_Mama said...

kobie ~ Tsk Tsk..sia mana ada lagi entertainment expenses..diapers and milk expenses saja..

OLie said...

punya budu! LOL... adaka jgn minum SBucks coffee, kana saman oleh SB baru tao, degrading org punya business. Buy live chicken, sembelih put in ur fridge kadus_mama.. kekekeke... Rear 2 ikur dia luar balcony.. if 'no have' balcony ermmm... di tandas.. LoL.. silap2 all apartments nanti ada mini kandang ayam outside their door..
Me pula asal turun bukit kasi free gear or bila jumpa junction about 20meters sia free gear suda.. kekeke... Ndak sanggup la sa off ekon pakai fresh air.. fresh air la mangkali.. karbon diokside ada la.