Jun 26, 2008

Tyres will cost more $$$

You own a car? Or a motor bike? or a bicycle?
How many tyres do your vehicle has? 2? 4? 6? 8 (if you drive trailer)

How many times do you change your tyre in a year? 1x4 tyres, 2x4 tyres?

Last night, Lab papa send me a msg in my chatbox informing the price of tyre will be increased soon. Huh!! Again??? I thought the price was just increased last year? Not that I'm complaining like crazy here. I have this thinking, since the fuel price was increased early this month, everything..yeah..the price of EVERYTHING except my salary was increased too. Benci kan..?

The thing is...I'm thinking, if my tyre suddenly decided to die on me, what am I going to do? Eversince I bought my car 2 years ago, I still haven't change any single tyre yet..(TOUCHWOOD!! Hope nothing will happend to it)..Yet..means I still have to change it one day right??? Scarednya...

Why I'm scared?? Its is because my tyre is quite expensive (for a poor people like me). I'm using Bridgestone Turanza 215/65R15 96H and I tell you, I never intend to use that expensive tyre in the first place. I inherit it from the previous owner of my car lah. Anyway, let me do some calculation here.

  • My car has 4 tyres
  • Last 2 years, 1 tyre cost about RM280
  • Last year, price increased..don't know how much..
  • This year..Lab papa say maybe increase to 20% *gulp*
  • So roughly, 1 tyre will cost about RM350???

1 tyre RM350...4 tyres will be RM1400???? Wah!!!! I will need too sell my hand lah like this..Do you think its easy to fork out RM1400 just like that..sob! sob! What?? When I bought my car in 2006, it comes with the tyre lah..not I pandai-pandai want to use it...

Not only tyres, My car also need petrol to drink, need a maintanance, and when it become sick, It always cost me a bomb! Tsk! Tsk! I hope I will earn more money from my blog to cover the 'coming' expenses of my car. Any anak tokeh tayar wanted to sponsor me new tyres? I can be a model for you shop for one day...


urang ranau said...

wah kadus mama, mahal betul la, ni kali confirm terpaksa naik kereta kuda gi kerja (or worst tumpang superman). With everything increase, my support for the ruling MIB decrease. Not that I want to blam 'em for evry bad thing that happen in our country, tp takkan la sia mo blame bapa sia kan???atau takkan la sia mo blame kucing sia kan.enuf about blame game, we nw need to find cheaper, dependable alternative..but hw??hmm..

Little Inbox said...

So expensive ar? I thought a tyre is just cost for RM130? I'm so outdated liao?

Lab papa said...

I got that information from my friend's blog (rizwan the space traveler).

Everybody knows the key of everything is the OIL.

Maybe I should breed horses or buffaloes when I'm going back. Cari yang anak2 kasi piara.

Jn paning2 kadusmama...hahah

Kadus_Mama said...

urang ranau ~ iya bah..mahal gila kan!! Kalau ada basikal nie, bah terpaksa lah nie p keja naik basikal..ekekeke ko pun naik nasikal juga..

little inbox ~ If only you know..It is expensive to buy tyre..But maybe kancil or kelisa or viva tyre is cheaper..I'm not sure..

Lab papa ~ Breed horse?? wah..simpan satu untuk sia..nanti sia belajar menunggang kuda, pastu sia bawa p keja..heheeeee
Nda juga telampau pening bah nie..tapi bepikir saja, kalau sudah sampai masa mau tukar tu..adeh!! macam mana lah tu ah..

chegu carol said...

Ive been changing my gentut tyres every year. hardcore kan travel kk-kgau every week. apa tida have to change every year. normally i'll just get the two front tyres changed and rotate the back tyres to the front so that lama sikit life span dia.

but my car tyres so far paling expensive i ever got was RM90 each. silverstone punya.

mahal juga tyre kembara ah...

Kadus_Mama said...

chegu carol ~ wah!! every year kah?? If i'm like that, botak sudah my kepala..
Not kembara punya tayar yang mahal bah tu, but itu brand tayar..if can change to the cheaper one, maybe pakai murah punya lah..hehee

Nick Phillips said...

Ok, that's it. I'm changing my car for a kereta lembu! LOL!

And speaking about tyres, I need to get 2 new tyres for my car ... siggghhh ...

Kadus_Mama said...

nick phillips ~ hahaha!! Maybe we can ask Lab papa to breed more lembus and horses for us?? ekeke
Bout your tyres, do update how many % they increased the price, ok..?

Poppet said...

normally 4WD punya tyres memang lagi mahal but usually tahan for at least 2 years.. ikut my experiencelah..
my present car lagi mahal oo tayar dia.. mo Rm380++ each, baru ja tukar 2 tyres 4 months ago, RM400 each tyre oooh, but brand continental la :), the last 2 tyres yg RM380 tu Michelin. Ada juga yg murah but kdg2 yg murah ni tia tahan, cepat botak so cepat juga mo kena tukar.
Kdmama- tukar pi ori kembara punya rim, murah sikit tayar dia :)
or tukar brand yg murah sikit yg penting size dia ngam. Size rim kembara ko 15, yg ori 14 bah kan tia ingat.. my kembara sudah jual lama sudah.. the ori tayar and rim sia jual for RM150 to my staff hehehehe