Jun 27, 2008

You can be IT Savvy with Cisco Academy Network

Pheww!! What a tiring day today. Been working and crazily posting so many post, and still have this 5th post. Bear with me ok, I'm just in a mood to write-in in my blog.
Ok..a simple question here, Are You Interested to Become IT (Information Technology) Professional?? If you are already bored and tired with your job now, probably you should change your career path to the world of IT. Like you don't know, everything in our doing is related to IT. Right?
You might think.."How?? When?? Where??" to learn about this IT thing. Don't worry, The Cisco Learning Networking Academy will help you in this. With Cisco certification programs , you will definitely rewarded to be a networking profesionals .
Cisco General Certification has few paths as below listed which you can choose as a starter for your career.
  • Routing & Switching
  • Design
  • Security
  • Storage Networking
  • Wireless

Be glad to yourself, with a Cisco Certifications, you can always enhance yourself to be a specialist in technology such as security, IP telephony and wireless. (Which high demanded in IT world)

Take example of Jane Francis Baliza who was a cleaner turned to IT Administrator in Kampala, Uganda. She used to leads a double life where she demoted herself as cleaning staff to enable her to persuade her passion in computer technology. Her dreams of becoming a computer technicians was finally materialised with the existance of Networking Academy.

There, I'm sure you will be interested to make yourself to be a IT Professional like Jane Baliza. With the rising demand for IT infrastructure and qualified IT professionals, especially in blogging world, there will always be a career with a high pay for you out there.

If you think you might be interested with this, do google Cisco Network Academy to find out more about it. Who knows one day, I might join Cisco and get certified to be the person who manage the networking technology in Malaysia?

Sponsored by Cisco


Lab papa said...

Can I have Jane Baliza handphone number

p/s suri nah kadusmama..hahaha time bingung2 nih hahaha

Wel^Beiolman said...

best ni..ada offer dekat2 ka..aha...

mau jg jadi pro ni tau...

Kadus_Mama said...

lab papa ~ alah!! i don't have her number lah..nanti sia p cari ok..

wel^bieolman ~ Hehe..buba ko google kalau dorang ada buat cara PJJ kah teda..