Jun 25, 2008

Sex Education : Double headache.

Just when I thought I'm done with son questioning me about his private part and thing that pricked his curiousity, Daughter started to do the same too...Aihhhhh!!!! Now I have to start all over again the teaching process which this time it's the opposite on what I taught son before. Like opposite way of the whole process lah! Instead of going to the left side, now I have to to the right side. Hehee Anyway, you must be wondering what daughter has done right? How can 18 1/2 old months baby had anything to do with sex?? Ayah!! Not that kind of sex lah..

Last night, I was cleaning daughter 'poo-poo' when she ask me thing.
Daughter : Mommy, keen cicah bebed? (Mommy Clean inesha 'bird-bird'?)
Mommy : *doink* emmmmm..No! Inesha is a girl..no bird-bird.
Daughter : mommy, keen la (oh yeah! she has 'lah' in everything)
Mommy : *Smiling* No...inesha is a girl..so no 'bird-bird', only boy has it..
Daughter : *mumbling herself*
So there, another episode of sex confusion. My daughter still has no idea boy and girl is different. I think she thought both the same. I'm in the teaching process now, but it's kinda tough because my son influence everything in my daughter doing. From the way she talk, sing, scream, eat, sleep..everything! And it was him who teach daughter about 'bebed'! Daughter must have thought she and kor-kor are the same. Sometimes pening you know dealing with this complicated matter! Just imagine, if you have 5 kids, you will to go through this phase 5 times...5 times???? Haha!! 1/2 of your life will be about teaching your kids about sex..
Back to daughter, I probably should have to wait a little longer to do the explaination. I don't think it's the right moment yet. She is only 18 months old oh..! Of course I will keep telling her she is a girl and 'korkor' is a boy, with a hope, she will understand it in the future..hehe!
But if you think teaching a small toddler about gender differences is difficult, I found it more difficult to toilet train Inesha. Did I mention she wants to 'shi-shi' (pee) standing? Yeps! She want to 'shi-shi' like her brother! No matter how much coaxing to tell her to sit at her potty, she will cry and tell she wants to stand. Aiyooo...another solution to find. Now my shoulder need to carry double weight already..

Oh..before I forgot, Son asked again about the 'susu' thing last night. Same question as in my previous post. He was doing his homework when he suddenly bolted and asked me "Mommy, Why girl have susu? Isaac also have??" See, he won't be satisfied with the simple answer, its for girl and only girl has it. I guess I will need to dry up my brain to figure out the answers for both son and daughter.

Well, any help or advice from the parents who have gone through the curiousity phase will be much appreciated..hehe I know I'm going to need lots of help to deal with my kids curiosity..If you have the tips... PLEASEEEEEEEEE!! Share with me....


Lil' Ms Pinky said...

Wow Isaac is really persistent!

My youngest sister is 10 years younger, so she'd always pester me on biological stuff, like, 'Jie jie, why your nean nean big my nean nean small?'

I just answered her honestly lor. After all, it's biology, and it's best she's exposed at a young age, than risk her learning all the wrong things from her peers.

Children these days aren't as innocent as how we used to be anymore. My students, for example, know a lot of things and think very perversely. I doubt if I was like that at their ages.

Ratu Syura said...

LOL! So cute la ur kids.. Suruh saja la si Daddy yang jawab.. Lain kali ko kestau saja la betul2 apa tu susu and every thing.. Makin ko tia jawab, makin si isaac tanya nanti.. And since he doesnt feel awkward about it, maybe you shouldn't feel awkward and just answer honestly la kan.. Pandai2 saja la aku ni bagi advice.. Nanti kalau sia ada anak, sia datang complain tempat ko ah! LOL!

urang ranau said...

hmm wish i can help..tp sia pun teda pengalaman bogia.hmm mgkn kasi explain secara general will do and then buat la se-general yg mungkin, takut pemikiran budak2 corrupt pula dgn benda2 yg inda2. btw cute la ur kids...

Nick Phillips said...

LOL! I got the perfect solution if my kids ask me about the birds and the bees and that is: 'Go ask mommy!' LOL!

papajoneh said...

i want to help with my solution.. but then.. different pulak... if i follow nick's style... wife will come back to me also...

me also confused.. hellllppppppp me also......

Kobie Vanessa said...

heheeh so funny la Isaac & Inesha! Mesti pening mau deal with it kan?hehe me pun oso hv no experience o, if you want to explain secara details lagila nda kena faham..emm

Kadus_Mama said...

lil ms pinky ~ I wish i can tell my son and daughter about sex just like that..but now isn't the right time yet..maybe another 2 or 3 years from now??

ratu syura ~ hahaha!! Kalau la i can push it to daddy kan senang! The daddy pun sama juga tu jawapan dia..Girl is like that..boy is like that..last2 tensen si isaac! hahaha next time mau ajar dia in medical term lah nie..

urang ranau ~ iya! sia pun tia mau juga otak dorang corrupt lain kali, tapi tu lah, i need to find the way yang anak sia puas hati sama jawapan yang sia bagi..kalau nda, sama juga..kena tanya 10 kali benda yang sama..

Kadus_Mama said...

nick philip ~ Hahaha!! the problem here is..I'M THE MOMMY!! How?? haha

papajoneh ~ Josh ada tanya this kind of question ka?? How did u answer him?? Takkan macam nick..ask mommy juga..hahaha

kobie ~ wah..sangat pening! ko jangan..budak2 zaman sekarang nie nda sama betul macam kita dulu! soalan2 dorang tu..BONUS tul! kalah SPM

chegu carol said...

This one i learned from my elder SIL about teaching their kids. They also have a son and daughter like you. Memang advance gila babas juga. Selalu tanya soalan2 cepu emas yg ko pun rasa mau ndak mau ja jawab.

One thing for sure, never hide the truth with the kids. Like someone said in the previous post about ur son...the more u hide, the more curiosity bugs him. and then banyak lagi soalan dia bercabang mcm dahan pokok.

My SIl's husband normally would confront with the son kalau timbul soalan cepu emas. And the husband has to be VERY patient in answering the son punya anak as well as using the correct words so as not to kasi timbul confusion for the son.

My SIL pula akan deal with the daughter. Same thing also lah. Mesti sabar and dont hide the facts albeit the complication of words. She said, eventho the daughter doesnt understand what she said but when the mommy gives detailed and true explanation for the question, the daughter somehow feel satisfied and stop asking.

Another thing, dont hesitate to buy picture books to get them understand. Of course lepas buy, have to spend time with them reading juga lah.

But in my opinion, judging from how my SIl deals with her children, the key word is the truth. Of course, that comes with good choice of words and patience lah. *hee*

harap2 buli tulung lah ah TT.

Little Inbox said...

"keen cicah bebed"...if you don't translate it, I really don't know what it means, hahaha. Your girl is so cute!
Anyhow, my opinion is to let them know the truth as rest said. If not, they will not understand and will keep on asking the same questions over and over. Just that have to think of appropriate way to explain to both of them.

Kadus_Mama said...

chegu carol ~ wah!! i like! i like!! Tapi kan..how to do it ah?? hahaha i mean , i need a way to do it right kan? will try to figure out this myself nanti..(mau discuss with hubby dulu)
Books?? wah! i think you can find too many of it in my house..don't worry, my kids love to read their books.

Little inbox ~ hehe!! u know baby talk..not all people can understand it. :)Well..i'll try to explain in detail but in appropriate way when son or daughter ask again.

emelda said...

hehehe..the questions so innocents tapi so susah mau jawap kan? Kids nowadays...heheh.

Sorry kadusmama..this department lansung sia inda bulih tolong.

Kadus_Mama said...

emelda ~ iya!! innocent question..tapi kasi pening the mommy! hehee