Jan 16, 2008

How to answer a 'bonus' questions?

My 4yrs old son love to ask me questions.. And it is not just a simple questions.. There was a moment he asked me about sex differences.. And this was our conversation.. Son: Mommy :Why i have a 'bird-bird'? KadusMama : Because you are a boy.. Son : Mommy have 'bird2'?? KadusMama : No! Mommy is a girl..so no bird2.. Son : But why?? Last time mommy changed become a girl? KadusMama : No..mommy was born as a girl..so NO bird2.. Son : Mei mei has bird2 or not? KadusMama : No! Mei mei also a girl..so no bird2.. Son : Ama? Aunt B*****?? Nenek?? KadusMama : No bird2! They all are girl..Girls have no bird2.. Son : If no bird2..then how to shi-shi? KadusMama :(slap kepala) Got special place to shi-shi! Son : Oh!! (Quiet for a while).......... Son : Mommy, Why I'm a boy? why have bird2??? KadusMama : Ok next time mommy tell ok! (The truth is i don't know to explain to him..because he already asked me the same question 100x over and over again! And i answer him 100x already!) I think I have to do research now and be ready to answer and give my son a proper explaination next time!!


Mel said...

hahahah..mcm crita desperate housewives..tu budak tanya how babies are made. she said, when mommy & daddy love each other so much they hug each other..& plant a seed. then months later that seed gros & its born. Nah..kena tanya balik..what kind of seed? mati ehhh!

kaDus_Mama said...

thats why mel..sudah jawab kena tanya lagi..over and over..macam mana mau jawap oh..just like that day..i put my make-up..isaac asked me why i pakai make up then i said because im a girl..then itu question bout 'bird2' keluar balik! mati oh!

ms_bonong said...

the 'bird2' thing.. wah.. bikin katawa.
did your daugther also ask why ?

i remembered last time, when i'm still young.. time kici la... my bro and i also ask the same question to my mother.

i ask her, how babies are made?

where the babies come from ?

why he's a boy, why me a girl ?

many many more la.. nda taukla how's my mother feel about it ? ahahha..

and she only gave one simple answer. 'kana kawin baru dapat tu suma'..

aik? mmmm.. well, although she's not answering all the question, but with the jelingan maut she gave, it shut us from questioning more..

kaDus_Mama said...

ms_bonong - Haha maybe small kids are curious with the dangling 'toot' there..thats why they keep asking this question..!
Thank god daughter cannot speak yet..but bet she will ask me the same thing when she is able to talk!