Jun 28, 2008

Happy Weekend

I was supposed to post many blog entry today, but I became a lil' bit lazy. Thanx to the photo editing site, I'm sooooo occupied doing a makeover for myself.. AGAIN!! Hehe Hubby sempat leave me a msg telling me not to overdo with the make-up I put on my plain face..hahaha!! Ok lah..I just touch up a little bit here and there..and this time I change my eyes to bluish grey! Hahaha!! I do look weird this time..Whatever lah! I still love the makeover site!

*photo deleted*

Anyway, there is nothing special happend today except Hubby is going for a SPA with his buddies later while me, going back home and cook and sleep! So I hope everybody going to have a great weekend. To dear friend Teacher Maurine, congrats for the big 'surprise' you get.
Till then..chiao!!


urang ranau said...

wah makeover lagi..ok juga tuh..bah apa lagi kadus mama buli ikut beauty pageant mama sudah ni tau. kalau ko ikut sia sukung dr belakang..

Lab papa said...

Another touch up thingy ka, suka betul ko ah...happy weekend

Kadus_Mama said...

urang ranau ~ beauty contest?? nda mau lah..hehe sia pindik..

lab papa ~ teda karaja bah sia tadi tu..jadi sia p lah main edit2..last sudah tu..hehe I'm done with the touch-uping photo..hehe

Kobie Vanessa said...

wah!Liang mui!!betul2 mcm time ko muda2 lagi dulu oo!!hhehe..umur2 17-18 gitu!nice o!

Choc Mint Girl said...

Eee... ndala ngam sangat tu, cuz! He he... mcm stone gia tu! :)

Little Inbox said...

Original lagi cantik lah.