Jun 4, 2008

Price of petrol is up again!! Die lah!

6.15pm / 4 June 2008 : I'm not sure whether it's true or not, but somebody told me price of petrol will increase 78cent. *^(&^(&*%(*&$%#$#@$@#!!!!!!!!! Can you imagine?????? 78cent oh!! If now is RM1.92...then it will be RM2.70..Bloody hell! Am I going to eat stone or grass to cover my petrol expenses??? But How to cover??? Oh..by the way, price of diesel will be RM1 expensive than the current price now.
I just received a call from B****G telling me, the Petronas station in my area is already packed with human being filling their tank to the max. CRAZY right!!!! Lucky i already pumped my car last night, or else I will be one of the people now.
So how now??? Am i going to ride bicycle to work??? Where got so much money to fill petrol!! Sakit jiwa already think now!!


M@uRiNe said...

Ya lama sudah dgr tu berita tapi belum confirm. Means semua harga barang akan naik sbb all heavy vehicle especially plane, ship and lorry that transporting goods use diesel. Dorang tdk fikir tu sblm kasi naik minyak.

Kadus_Mama said...

m@urine ~ Ko nda tau lagi macam mana sia memaki tadi! hahahaha marah nie! Terasa betul bah kalau sini..suma barang naik bukan alang2..mahal gila!! But sia last week pun sudah tau bah naik harga minyak!