Oct 3, 2008

Sleepy and tired

Thats what i can describe about my condition now. I slept quite early last night, which was already 1.00am..I've been sneezing like 100 times already and my eyes is getting itchy every minutes. *sigh* Ya..ya..i know I'm on my way to be sick now. Bencinya!! Have to work lagi..then not feeling well lagi!!
For 2 day, I totally refrained myself from blogging as i wanted to spend my times with my kids..Well, it wasn't 100% off from blogging actually, i did lurked in your blog, but didn't leave any comment. Hehe But still, i wanted to thank to those who came to visit me during this past two days..! You know who you are.. :)
Anway, where was i this past two days?? Hehee won't tell you now..but i was somewhere enjoying the beauty of nature and relaxing my mind..(hahaa ya lah tu!!). Here are some of the pix taken during my so called holiday at somewhere..somewhere..

Can you guess where was I yesterday?? Hehee..later la ya..I need to finish some work first..! My annoying leaking nose keeps disturbing lah..! How la to finish my work like this?? Ok lah..later lah ya..will visit you guys soon..just wait for me..hehe!! ~tata then~


Kadus_Mama said...

testing..testing 1, 2 ,3

Mimi said...

aduii... so kesian oo u... sya pun slalu begitu tu, 100x sneezing & itchy eyes. hopefully u'll get better very soon.

and sya pun kerja niari!!! uwaaaa!!!!

anyway, i think i know what's causing the layout prob. i had the exact same prob when 1st embed the disney bingo video.

cuba ko pigi edit mode for your 'My weekend and sports' entry. u hv to select the 'Edit HTML' tab aa... look for the code for embedding the video. u might see a a few < div/ > or < div > thingy, all in one line. klu sya dulu, i deleted all the divs and my layout jd normal balik.

btw, u might want to backup your entry 1st b4 u do the deletion. just in case it doesn't work :-)

Gallivanter said...

Somewhere up in the sky.... :-)

Kadus_Mama said...

Mimi ~ Just bought panadol actifast for my running nose..hope it will go away soon!! Benci keja hidung meleleh nie..
And..thanx for the tips too..! I think my layout is ok now..well at least for now..hehe!! Cannot edit pulak the post tu..nanti post kena reject..

Gallivanter ~ Alah!! You've been there before mah! Up..up in the sky kan?? :)

Nick Phillips said...

A shot of whiskey will clear that runny nose ... LOL! Wah, you went for a holiday? Syiok nyer. I just stayed home and tido je ... hehehe ... Ur blog looks alright in Google Chrome too.

GregChai a.k.a. tukang kupi said...

KdMama, get well soon, ni misti pasal telampau dakat ambik foto rabbit, ada bulu rabbit temasuk di idung trus gatal hehehe, nice shot, padai ko suruh rabbit pose ah

Kadus_Mama said...

Nick Phillips ~ Whiskey?? Working?? Hahaha I don't think i want to risk myself get drunk while working..
Holiday somewhere near only lah..! It was nice and relaxing..! I wish i can sleep at home, but i don't think i can do that when my kids are screaming almost all the time at home..hehe

gregchai a.k.a tukang kupi ~ Eh your turn to use computer already?? hehehee
Now feeling a lil' bit ok after makan tu panadol..but sleepy gila nie..hehe mau tetidur sudah di opis..
Tu rabbit sendiri pose tu..sia tia suruh! ekekee

Kobie Vanessa said...

Get well soon Kadus, eee..mcm di cameron hglnd jaa nii..aiseh ya ka? nda pun di kundasang, aisehhh hehehe

Choc Mint Girl said...

Wah! Aman damai jugak nampak tu pix. Cute tu wabbit. :D Bah, cuz, minum air suam banyak2! Paling sya benci la kalo runny nose and sneezing. Get well soon! :)

Kadus_Mama said...

Kobie Vanessa ~ eh! bukan cameron highland tu..heheee Cantik kan?? alah2 kundasang gitu..

choc mint girl ~ Ya memang aman damai! terus siok bah rasa abis hutan jak suma kan..
Ok sudah sia nie..lepas minum banyak air.. :)