Aug 14, 2008

Are you normal or nuts??

Are you a quirks cute or do they require a professional attention? Do you have this quirkiness like cannot abide to see a dirty spot in your bathroom which will cause you to scrub the whole bathroom clean instead of just cleaning the dirty spot itself ?? or Maybe you must have a soy sauce in everything you ate including fruits, veggie or even a sweets?? If you have one of this quirkiness, I'm sure you have been asking yourself for the thousands times whether you are a normal person or not. If you still unsure about it, why not compare your peculiar habits with those people who have posted their question regarding on their quirky habits at RD.Com in the Are You Normal or Nuts? column. There is this one particular question that really made me think the person is a little bit nuts. *grin* Here is the question :
Q :I don't like talking. I'm afraid people will think that what I say is stupid, even when there's no reason to assume that. I never talk on my cell phone in a public place, because bystanders might think I'm an idiot. Is that nuts?

So what do you think of the person?? Normal or Nuts?? Well, I do have this quirkiness inside me too. I'm just afraid to have a dream at night. Why?? Because there are many of my dreams that do come true and it happend day or weeks after I had that certain dream. Here are the example :

    • 1st Dream ~ Few years back, we were holidaying at Redang Island and I had this weird dream of founding one of our friend's chalet key at the beach area. It was so vivid, I can remember everything about it. The next day, our friend really lost his chalet key, and amazingly, I can pinpoint the exact location of the lost key. It was all in my dream in the previous night.
    • 2nd Dream ~ I was in the room napping when I had this dream about me being pregnant. When I woke up, I had this thumping heart and the urge to check about me being pregnant. I went to buy the Home Kit Test, and TRUE enough, I was pregnant and it was only a few days that time. Scary?? or weird??
    • 3rd Dream ~ My friend is married for only 1 1/2 months last year, and I had this dream about her being pregnant too. I rang her the next morning to ask whether she is pregnant or not. Surprisingly, she said no!! Anyhow, she called me back 2 weeks after to tell me that she is pregnant! Hah!!! Double weird?? Not really sure. Well, my friend is about to give birth anytime soon this month.

But why I'm scared to have a dream nowadays? Well, I have a few really scary dream about my son falling inside a pool and I wasn't able to save him, my daughter was kidnapped by a strangers and even me dying in a terrible..terrible car accident! *TOUCHWOOD* Since my dreams do come true sometimes, those horrible dream really freaked me out and caused me to be in a constant worry for weeks. Who doesn't, right??

Maybe I should write-in to Reader's Digest and get the answer from them? Who knows I am really nuts over here. But, that is just me. How about you? Do you think you have any quirkiness inside you that been bothering you for years? Why not send your question to Are You Normal or Nuts? at RD.Com? Just be cautious though, don't eat too much nuts before you write to them or else your nuts aura will send them the wrong signal of you being a nuts!!! Hehe

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Just said...

Hmm.. seldom be able to recall almost all my dreams... Even I tried, it is only 30% of the dream...

Lab papa said...


I'm not normal nor nuts, but I'm a coconuts? apa ni? ntah hahaha merapu


Kadus_Mama said...

just ~ besa lah tu tia ingat dream..sometimes bila teingat our dream lagi bikin takut..

lab papa ~ hahahahahaa!!!! coconuts kah pulak?? nda pa merapu jak..nda kena saman juga..