Aug 18, 2008

Cold Monday

I woke up quite late this morning as I was too sleepy to wake up (sleep quite late last night)..My day yesterday was pretty busy with the house chores i needed to do. I woke up early in the morning in a grumpy mood as i had to look after my sick daughter all night since friday. I, Myself is not even recover from my sickness, and my sore throat was killing me. (kononnya lah..but i didn't die juga lah!!). Kesian daughter, she refused to drink milk for few days already. I think she has a sore throat too, thats why she doesn't want to drink her milks. She doesn't even want to eat the rice, porridge or almost everything lah..sooo kesian. Brought her to see dr. and she got 4 bottles of meds to finish. Eeeeeeeeee....i dread the part giving meds to small toddler because based from my experiences with son last time, getting him to eat the med was one of the toughest job i ever had in my whole life. When i gave him an antibiotic, he will vomits until everything was out from his stomach. Then give him the meds again, he cried, closed his mouth tight and start stomping his feet on the floor refusing to eat the meds i try to shove inside his mouth (hahaha..not exactly shove lah actually). Giving son to eat a medicine was like a big battle for me and lots of efforts are needed in order for me to achieve victory. But, there was a time i still lose my battle and i really had to use the one and only power (Snap and roar the Word 'NOW!!') to get my son eat the meds (actually son only hated the antibiotic). But that was my son past story. Come to daughter, I was so surprised she didn't make a fuss at all when I gave her the 4 different types of meds. (THANK GOD FOR THAT!!!!). She only told me this when she ate the bitter meds..."Eeeeeee...Mommy..its yuck..yuck"! Phew..nasib baik!!
Then..yesterday, 2 of my ops to make money were washed inside the drain as I was soooo busy to do it. Ayooo sayangnya!!! If not, can add my income already oh! I try to finish it before midnight, but still, my kepala cannot produced any brilliant idea to do the post. So..bye bye $$$ for me.
Then..(hahaha..banyak nya then!!), my son story again. I don't know whether I mentioned about him liking his Maths subject so much or not, but he does. Out of 4 subjects he learns at school, he loves Maths the most (like me last time lah!! hehehe). In his 2 previous exams, he scored 98% and 100% for his maths paper. Terrer la juga konon. Chinese comes second, english third and last is his Bahasa melayu (God!! his BM is really teruk lah!! Kesian pulak my son cannot speak Malay :( ) . But..thats not the story i want to tell actually..(digressing again). Yesterday, hubby asked son to count his number. 1-10 is like a piece of cake for son (daughter also can count until 10! hahaha)..then start from no 11..
Son : Eleven, twelve, threeteen, fourteen, fiveteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, TWENTY!!!!!
HAHAHA!! Me and hubby corrected him so many times about threeteen being thirteen and fiveteen being fifteen, but instead of correcting his number, me and hubby pulak bombarded with the question why it should be called thirteen and fifteen!! Hahaha..Please..if you give my son the answer 'its counted that way', he won't simply accept your answer unless there is a logical explaination behind your answer. (everything must have a reason!!) Susah juga anak banyak tanya nie..if only the question is easy for me to answer...So far no answer is given to son yet! ekekeke
Well, enough for me to ramble this monday afternoon. Hehe, I'm soooooo damn hungry now but my 'tapau' hasn't arrive yet (don't know what take hubby soooooo long to come back to office). LAPAR GILA NOW!!!!! So...let me do my O&M & record all the S.I before i die of hungriness! Will blog again later..Tata!!!
*Nick, surprisingly my Monday is not sux today! hehe


Lab papa said...


Wake up and smile, kalo grumpy mood nanti jadi grumpy old lady hehehehe

Happy monday to you (biasa teda org kasi happy monday kan, sa kasi nah)

Little Inbox said...

Kesian ur daughter, not only lost appetite, but have to take those bitter bitter taste medicine. Hope she get well soon.

papajoneh said...

hope you get your lunch soon. kesian juga.

Monday.. hmmm.. not my turn to finish report.. lagilah.. baru abis dari tadi pagi.. pengsan.. but not yet diam ja lah..

may the weekdays and weekends you happy always kadusmama. :)
pasal ajar budak tu.. hmm got the same problem.. the boy asked too many question.. all professor kind of question that need scientist to answer... terdiam skijap bah kami. hahaha

Kadus_Mama said...
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Kadus_Mama said...

lab papa ~ aiseh!! tenkiu..tenkiu with ur wish..hehe so far my monday has been ok!!

little inbox ~ ya lah..really kesian my daughter..but she is ok with all the probs taking it..

papajoneh ~ sudah makan just now..hubby tapau me chicken rice..hehe

see...ur josh also asked u many2 questions come kids nowadays tia sama like last time??? I don't remember myself asking my dad why this..why that pun..hehehe

Jewelle said...

Speaking of Malay being the kids worst language, my kindy daughter came home singing a Twinkle2 little stars in Malay : "Bintan bintan di la git" - and no matter how many times I correct her still can't.

One of these days, I have to talk to them in Malay.

Kadus_Mama said...

jewelle ~ i did try to speak malay with son, but hmmm..he refused to speak malay with..he even ordered me to speak english with him..ayah!very difficult..

Nick Phillips said...

Glad to hear your Monday is a good one. The strange thing is so is mine. I've been having a delightful Monday so far.

It's all probably cos my boss is away on holiday and I even managed to cabut from office and go shopping with wifey ... LOL!

Kadus_Mama said...

nick phillips ~ Ok!! it is strange we are having a good monday! hahaha (we should be thankful instead of complaining huh??) its ur boss who made ur monday sux?? ;P Kidding..i wish i can cabut from office and resting at home!! hehehee!!

Kobie Vanessa said...

kesiannya inesha sakit, hopefully she'll get well soon

Bijak ba ur son Isaac ni Kadus, macam mamanya juga ba, best student hehehe..

Anyway, have a nice day Kadus :)

Kadus_Mama said...

kobie vanessa ~ iya..kesian inesha, teruk juga dia batuk tu..sudah lah batuk..clingy tul..
si isaac tu pandai..tapi bikin gerigitan juga kadang2..sebab telampau jajal! hehehe

Lil' Ms Pinky said...

Just out of curiosity, I did a little google search and guess what I found? :)

Check it out. Quite entertaining. But the conclusion is, English is a beautiful language that has evolved over time, and hence it is not surprising that the supposed 'threeteen' becomes 'thirteen' and so forth.

Hope you'll have fun explaining it to your kids. ;)

Kadus_Mama said...

lil'ms pinky ~ THANX!!!!!! I made a post of your finding..glad you come to my rescue...

chegu carol said... what do you think a teacher would do if she has 20 pupils like your son? Matai eh mau google cari jawapan saja.

Kadus_Mama said...

chegu carol ~ One word. MATAI!!!! hahahahaaa