Aug 14, 2008

All story lah!!

kaDusMama is finally back to blogging after 1 day off from working and blogging. Yeah!! (haha!! sendiri ke'happy'an). As much as i wanted to jot lots and lots of word for my entry, i just cannot think what to write or better known, i have no idea what to write at all..
Well..since I've nothing much to tell about today's event, why not I tell you about my 'so called' rest day yesterday..I finished checking the minutes (for meeting) around 2.30am..and at 6.50am, I have to wake up to prepare son to school..daughter was up early too but thank god she decided to join me to sleep after son went to school (nasib baik hubby hantar Isaac this time). I woke up (again!!) around 10.30am, showered and had to cook pulak. After cooking, i went out to service my car (which i only service once a year!! hahaha)! Crazy me, i only service my car once a year you know..not that i don't want to maintain my car properly, took me almost a year to reach the 5000 mileage...Hehe
Well getting my car service was really a long business. I went to the workshop around 1.15pm and everything was done only after 4.30pm. While waiting, i was in the verge of getting my head knocked at the table edge as i was super..super sleepy and drowsy. Nasib baik the workshop boss was in a mood to tell me about his trip to Japan, Korea, China, Thailand and others that i don't really remember. I think i will embarassed myself by sleeping in the workshop if not because of the boss..
Well, long story cut to short, my car cost me a bomb again this time. Aiyoooo..imagine paying RM580 for a regular service??? Die!! But..why is it soooo expensive?? Not that i drive mercz or BMW pun, its only an old kembara..well here is the details..
  • Spark Plug = RM85 (for the fuel burning efficiency..ahaks!!)
  • Auto oil = RM38 per bottle and my car need 4 bottles of it. so the total is = RM152
  • Coolant for radiator = RM30
  • Engine oil = FOC (last time the boss say he will give me free engine oil mah!! haha) if i have to pay for this, i need to add another RM130 oh!!
  • Tyre allignment = RM25
  • Cam Setting (its for the two front wheel) = RM110 (don't bum those big 'lubangs' on the road or else your will risk more of your money for the tyre setting.
  • My window bracket which went kaput 3 months ago = RM145
  • Labour charge = RM40.00

The total amount i have to spent was RM587 (discount RM7!! duh!! kasi lah diskaun banyak sikit!! i give their shop business what!!) Everytime my car had a probs, i surely will return to the same workshop to get my car fixed, so i think the boss should give me more discount whenever i serviced my car there..hahaha!! Anyway, while waiting for the mechanic to do a test drive to ensure everything was done accordingly, the 'not so leng cai' boss (hahaha!! kidding!!) told me, yesterday morning, there was this lady came to the workshop to get her sport car fixed. She drove a Peugot (spelling???) and apparently her car experience this shaky stearing probs whenever she drove her car around. So she went to this workshop to get her car fixed. The boss told her she only need to change 1 thing which was her ... 'forgot the name'. Sorry geng, i don't remember the part name lah..but it is use to channel the electric power to her spark plug. So yeah, she only need to change that and guess how much she had to pay for the part..??????


CRAZY!!!! Uh la la..i saw the husband came to pay the boss for the work done and punya senang lah he pay RM1800.00 in cold hard cash! phewww...sure lah super rich people kan..

Anyway, the workshop boss advised me never ever buy Peugot or Citroen (spelling again??) car unless i have at least few thousands of ringgit in case the car has a probs. He told me every part of this two brand car will cost you your head..(not your arm or your limb).

Eventhough my car gave me this headache after getting it serviced, at least it didn't reach the 'K' amount..right?? Well, that the cost that I've to pay for driving a 4wd car..Don't play play oh! The recent probs my car had was this broken shaft's bearings which cost me around RM900 for 3 biji bearings. DIE!! So if possible, don't ever drive a 4wd car..hahaha (It was my hubby's idea to let me drive my car now!) It is very costly and can kill you..this past 2 years alone, I already spent around RM10k just for my gearbox, shaft, starter and others (forgot already)..crazy sekali!

Now, i only have to wait until middle of year 2009 to get my dear kembara serviced again! ekeke! Oh! After I finished with my car, went back home to cook dinner, and by 11.00pm, I was so weak (no energy at all), i fall asleep without even brushing my teeth and wash my face. Funny is, if i didn't wash my face or brush my teeth, I will automatically wake up 1 hour after sleep to get my regular deed done. So yeah..i did woke up in the middle of the night to brush my teeth. Didn't manage to sleep peacefully as i was disturbed by my itchy throat which caused me to cough continuously until 1 hour past dawn (as if i got batuk kokol saja).. far my day today has been good! Still have this itchy throat and blocked nose, but I only nod few times (The flu meds caused me to be drowsy) while doing my work. Hope I will be able to sleep peacefully tonight....and lastly..for all of you who wish me for my well being!! TENKIU ! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! Glad that so many people do care about me! *muah*

*DUH!! No idea konon to write post konon!! Sekali panjang menjela2 pulak!!!


san said...

nah , kan.... kalau kurik dan mengurik terus,memang ada idea menulis... :)

Mahal juga kereta punia part,bagus sa beli basikal ja ini macam ni kadusmama... basikal tua ...

chegu carol said...

uiii...ko service kereta once a year seja kah Ty? why middle of next year? mine have to service every 2 months oh (due to frequent travel). But even kalu average use...takkan lah after a year baru service. patut lah kali byk mau ganti tu.

bisuk i have to go ganti my two front tyres also. botak sdh. blm smpai one year i replaced the tyres, now have to ganti sdh. kuyak!

Kadus_Mama said...

chegu carol ~ i have to reach the 5000 milage baru p service..hehe and ko imagine day, i only drive about 30km saja..sometimes 1 minggu, 4 days only bawa kerita..roughly 1 month i only run around 480km (kalau bukan kurang lah) so kalau mau reach 5ooo, hmmm almost one year lah..hahaha but still i do check my car every 2 weeks lah..engine oil masih ok kah..sendri buat lah.. :) all the the parts yang i had to change tu have nothing to do with service, it was due to the road condition to our office..kan berlubangs2..
wah..want to change tyre lagi?? mesti pening kepala tu kan?? my tyre 2 tahun sudah tu..still penuh bunga far so good..but banyak sudah kena tampal..banyak paku bah d opis kami..hehehe..
well, a suggestion here..why not ko guna michelin or bridgestone tyre..tahan lama sikt tu.. :)

Andrik McVean said...

tapi kalau guna kereta mahal..nie puas hati bah...pas tuh kalau bejalan di depan urang pun tuh idung pandai naik atas..hehehe..

chegu carol said...

bridgestone...mmmm...k will try too ask for that...kalu ndak jauh beza harga dia sama silverstone...perhaps i shul try.

kepuasan sdh sa mo menukar tyre evry year (actually x smpai pun a year). but what to do. memang every week sa turun naik keningau kk...hard core juga kena guna kereta sa.

Kadus_Mama said...

andrik mcvean ~ Hmmm..ok juga drive kerita mahal kalau memang cukup duit di bank..kalau rosak pun nda payah lah susah2 mau pikir apa macam mau repair.. :)

chegu carol ~ not sure the price difference pulak..I'm using brigestone turanza now..ok juga tu tayar tu..hehehe
you are like my hubby lah dulu, dia pun selalu tukar tayar sebab memang banyak travel p site nie..sometimes 1 day pun dia drive sampai i understand juga why you need to change ur tyre regularly..

Kim said...


ok la tu 5++ sekali byr utk sethn...yg saya ni mcm every 2 3 mths pun kena service...+- kali lagi byk dari ko loorrrr....but buli tahan ah...tidak sampai 5000 ko drive for a yr...rmh ko & opis dekat kah???

Kadus_Mama said...

kim ~ wah!!! ko macam chegu carol lah kan?? I know she travels from kk-keningau like every week, thats why mau service selalu..
Kalau ikut 500++ tu kira ok lah..hehehe 1 tahun jak bah..not every month pun, but still..sakit juga hati sia nampak tu amount!! hahaha
my office is 8km from my house, but balik need 4km extra sebab mau u-turn..i seldom jalan juga..opis-rumah..rumah-opis..what a life kan?? :)

Anonymous said...

Mmg keretalah mengambil bahagian yg besar dari gaji kita, maybe around 70% untuk bayar installment, minyak, dan servis. Blm termasuk bw pi cuci di kadai seminggu 2 kali, dan bayar parking fee... jangan lupa insurans dan roadtax blm masuk hehehe.. lumayan...

Ada satu kereta yang ndak payah pi servis, check bateri, check air, check minyakkah apa.. Tayar pun ndak pernah sya dgr ada yg pigi tukar.. Kereta apa tu ah??? Yeah, kereta sorong :D yang perlu dicheck adalah driver dia wakaka...

Kadus_Mama said...

ornest ~ iya bah..memang kerita lah banyak duit p kan..! my fuel consumption tidak juga banyak..around 200++ every month..and i only wash my car like twice a month jak..malas mau cuci kerita sini..1 hari jak kutur suda..
parking pun not really juga sebab parking d opis kami free..but sini ko tau lah..ada toll..hmmmm..mahal lagi tu..
lain kali kita invent kerita yang pakai paddle lah..hehehe everytime kita paddle, ada tenaga yang dihasilkan..phew..nda payah pun pakai minyak..

Lab papa said...


If the boss gives you more discount, can not get untung mah, resulted in not getting richer hahahaha

the secret of being rich, from an old friend, is be a cheapskate hahahahahah

- Adora Madpie - said...


Ko bilg no idea blogging pdhal gini panjang. Hehe. Wah syiok jg ah once a year saja service, tp satu kali service trus belubang tu purse oh. Terasa mcm air ja duit mengalir..

Princess_Sabrina said...

Wah seems like your MC is not for ur rest time huh?? hehehe.
I can;t wait to drive my own car. The car only arrive around sept i guess..:D

Thats d reason why my husband dun want me to own a car..cos he's d one who need to pay for all the services and tyres. LOL!

Kadus_Mama said...

lab papa ~ hahahaa!! betul tu! kalau jadi cheapskate baru bulih kaya..we have this friend yang gila babas punya calculative..kalau kami p makan and have to divide the amount we pay, ada 5 sen pun kena tagih bah..adehhh..but memang si kawan kaya lah..hahahaha

-adora madpie- ~ itu lah bah tu..lubang besar terus poket..matai kuda nampak..hehe

princess sabrina ~ was supposed to be my rest day, but with 2 kids at home, there is no term 'rest' for me at home..
Ur car will arrive in sept?? good for least you drive yourself already...
Wow!! ur hubby will pay everything for you?? thats very good, i have to everything by my own..

Nick Phillips said...

I know how that feels. It isn't cheap having your own car and having to maintain it la. I think I've changed every part of my car before that it can be considered a brand new car now ... LOL!

By the way, since you're well and all I've just decided to tag you ... LOL!

Kadus_Mama said...

nick phillips ~ yeah..if only hubby pay my car maintenance..hehehee
Will head to ur blog now.. :)

Little Inbox said...

Oh, tell you, my FIL once pakai Peugeot. In the morning, the engine cannot start. This happend for quite frequent. Really problematic. Pakai made in Malaysia car lagi reliable.

Kadus_Mama said...

little inbox ~ Har??? Really ah??? Cost to maintain peugeot is really..really expensive oh..
well..though malaysia made car is not so high standard, at least not really giving us a headache oh..hehehe

papajoneh said...

Crita crita gini lah yg paling sia suka. Spontan saja barulah original kan kadusmama ;)

pasal servis2 ni.. hmmm tolak pakai screwdrivers besar and mau angkat kereta, semua sia buat sendiri.. especially malaysian car. bankrap woh. Ada saja yg rosak. belum setahun mau ganti itu ini. Sabar sajalah kan. My Iswara nasib baru baru.. but already 60K in the meter. hari2 jalan near 50KM.. pengsan..
semua tu blum masuk duit petrol lagi... pengsan dua kali.

bah crita2 lah lagi mcm ni kadusmama. I like it :D

Kadus_Mama said...

papajoneh ~ hahaha!! kalau cerita merapu memang numbur satu sia nie..akakaka..taip2 sampai lupa dunia..
But memang bah malaysian car..ada2 jak yang mau rusak..this month month itu..ish ish!! bikin habis duit jak..
But..hebat lah sendiri service kerita nie..punya jimatttttttttt duit..
Next time sia merapu lagi..don't worry!! hahahaaa