Aug 15, 2008

Tag : Household Chores that I really hate

Hehe..actually I'm not sure what this tag is called. I just simply give it a name lah. I was tagged by Mr. Maid or Nick Phillips to list down all the chores at home that i really hate to do. Along with that, i have to give a reason why I hated doing those chores..So here how this tag is done:

All you need to do is list down the household chores you hate and why you hate it. Then copy the image provide and tag as many people as you want! Add your blogs link to the domesticated divas linky love and leave a comment at Stripe and Yellow to be added to the master list and you're done.
Chores that I HATE!!!!!
  1. Sweeping the floor ~ I took at least 10 - 15 minutes to sweep clean my house and my kids only need 10secs to get it dirty with their biscuits, spilt milk, spilt vitagen, etc..etc..whats the point of sweeping the floor like that????
  2. Ironing Clothes ~ Actually i don't really hate ironing all the clothes at home. I only hate it when I'm disrupted by kids who want to touch the iron lah..want to play the iron board lah!! The iron is hot leh! Well, the other reason why i hate it because it's time consuming..I will need at least 2 hours to finish all the clothes.
  3. Mopping ~ ditto to No.1
  4. Tidying kids toys ~ I took like forever to get all the toys inside a box and my kids need only to dump and spilt the box content the minutes i finished tidying them...*ngrrrrr*
  5. Cooking ~ I hate it when I have no idea what to cook or lack of ingredients to cook..Simple solution, tapau lah!!!
  6. Cleaning the fridge ~ EEEEEEEEEEEEE...hate to wait for the ice at the freezer to melt!!!
  7. Washing clothes ~ I don't like washing clothes using my two bare hands.. Luckily somebody invented the washing machine..
  8. Cleaning poo-poo ~ Baby poo-poo is ok, but toddler poo-poo is toxic!! hahahaha super smelly!!

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Actually I told Nick I got 1000 chores that I hate, but if I list down everything here, people might think I'm one lazy woman, mommy and wife, so I better don't list down all lah...! Now, let do the tagging session and see what this people hates chores at home.

Kobie_Vanessa, Just, Momma mia, Poppet, Chegu Carol, Cicak, Princess Sabrina, Adora Madpie and Mrs.Ezman.

Enjoy the tag guys........

*Nick, I cannot post the picture la, everytime i uploaded the pix, 50pixs will popped in my page!!


chegu carol said...

aahhhhhhhhhh...Shemah tagged me with this earlier on. Then i found out Nick also tagged me. Bah....ngam lah, i kill 3 birds with one stone...LOL!

Kadus_Mama said...

chegu carol ~ i know ko sudah kena tag this tag..hehehe thats why sia kasi masuk ko juga..:)

Poppet said...

bah sia copy dulu ni tag.. nanti boring2 sia buat hehehhe

papajoneh said...

ya.. better not list all the hate things kan. Just leave it to the imagination. Kerja rumah memang memengsankan. Ndak abis-abis. cantik2 sudah.. tu budak semua kasi kluar lagi.. aduhhh.... ni lah kesiokan jadi parents :D

san said...

Cukur... saya tidak kena tag, lagipun, saya memang terkecuali daripada tag ini sebab blog saya dalam bahasa Malaysia.. hehehehehe...

Kadus_Mama said...

poppet ~ copy..jan tia copy..nanti sia visit ur blog ah! :)

papajoneh ~ wah kalau mau list suma, habis lah, 10 page pun nda cukup..hahaha
Memang tu..sometimes me also geram with my kids..habis sia berteriak2 di rumah..hahahaha!

San ~ sia mau juga tag ko..tapi.. takut pulak ko tia berminat..paham2 jak lah chores = perempuan.. :)
But kalau ko mau buat dalam BM pun nda pa bah..

Kadus_Mama said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mrs. Ezman said...

i got a tag for you hehe..check it out ya :)

something purple said...

thanks for doing the tag, added you in the masterlist.

Kadus_Mama said...

mrs. ezman ~ ok..will check it soon..

something purple ~ THANX!!

Madpie said...


I'm done with ur tag. Hehe. Eik npa tu ah? Ko kasi block la those pop-up. Sa pnya OK saja time uploading

Nick Phillips said...

Wui, banyak nyer chores you hate ... LOL! Thanks for doing the tag so fast! I hope you're having a great Monday today ...

Kadus_Mama said...

madpie ~ actually something is wrong when i upload the pix..nda pa lah tu

nick phillips ~ hahaha!! now you know la! Luckily i didn't list down my 1000 hated chores..
Thanx god my monday is ok today..i hope urs is ok too..

Mama Mia said...

hutang dulu the Tag kio...will do it later

Kadus_Mama said...

mama mia ~ ok bah..pelan2 ko buat..