Aug 30, 2008

Happy merdeka day...

Just want to wish everybody a nice and long holiday this weekend. I'm off to Hubby's hometown this evening and will take a break from blogging for 3 days..hehehe! Will visit all of you once I'm back from Perak..
Meanwhile,this was me during Merdeka Eve celebration in 2007! Huh!! You never going to believe me that I was one of the Top 10 for contest last year. I know I look like i'm a shy..shy person (UWEKKKKK!!!!), but don't underestimate my capability ya. Hehehe! I was willing to carry the Cardboard for 3 whole weeks to win the RM50,000.00 cash. Though luck wasn't at my side, but hey..I still won the Top 10 consolation prize which was RM1000.00!!!! Siok ler....!!!

I was screaming like idiot promoting my card during Merdeka Eve at Ikano Power Center / The Curve

I was with DJ Serena C of! hek! hek!!

I even dragged myself, the cardboard and hubby to the Floral Festival at Putrajaya on the 31st Aug 2007!! hahahahaa

This year, merdeka mood lah! But still i want to wish you guys a wonderful 51 merdeka celebration for our nation. Don't too much 'Aramaitiiiii' ya!! Take care...


chegu carol said...

wahhhh ko pun bawa2 kad bod juga pula!!! my SIL also ada join. smpai we suruh2 she bring the card board back to KK tapi dia malas mau beli ticket kapal lagi. but at least ko manang consolation...buli tahan ooo

Nick Phillips said...

Have a fun time at your hubby's place and drive slow, k?

Happy Merdeka to you and your hubby :D

Princess_Sabrina said...

Hi KadusMama,
Happy Merdeka day to you..:)

Linachu said...

wow hebat! u were in the top 10!
i think the winner that guy managed to get on tv bah kan..i dont think i would hv the guts to carry that thing around with me

Happy long weekend!

Lab papa said...

DJ Serena pewittt...hahahaha

Let us appreciate the true meaning of kemerdekaan!

Little Inbox said...

I have not join any of the merdeka celebration. Once, I went to KLCC to countdown the Y2K with my gangs during my uni time.

Kadus_Mama said...

chegu carol ~ hahaha!! really?? ada yang sampai bawa p Bali bah the card.. :)

nick phillips ~ Back safely to KL..hope you have a wonderful long weekend last week..

princess sabrina ~ Yea..Happy belated merdeka to u too..

Kadus_Mama said...

linachu ~ The winner even brought the card to singapore bah!! thats why he won..mana2 pun ada muka dia..

lab papa ~ Iya bah! DJ serena u know that she is from sabah?? :)

little inbox ~ During study..i don't join any of this celecration too..hehehee! Oh you are in KLCC during Y2K celebration?? I was at Bukit Bintang..