Aug 20, 2008

Fashions That Hurt!!

WARNING: Post contains lotsssss...and lotssssssss of picture!!!!

Me and my sister went to MPH last week, and sis bought this interesting book for both of us to read. At first, i don't really bother about it until i opened the first few page of the book! OMG!!! It's really scary, I tell you. I'm not going to elaborate further about what you are going to see later. I will let the photos do the talking!

You can find this Book at MPH

OMG!!!! How scary it can be when we become soooooooo obsess with our weight!

This super high heels can caused a serious damages to our feet.

I don't think i want to have this kind of feet!! comment on this! Let the men do the commenting on this!

Corsets can make our waist super small and sexy..but it also can damage the internal organs!

Well, i don't really think a mini skirt can cause a damage..but...

This could be true..imagine the chemicals penerated in our wonder i'm losing sooo much hair last time


I don't see the logic of hip hugger being a hazardous item in our daily life..So i don't really agree on this..

Blame the beauty magazine for planting the 'beautiful image' of super skinny (almost dead look) models inside our societies mind.

Not sure on this..could it be possible???

If its only done in unhygienic condition. Don't you agree??

Ditto to the above

OMG!!! Is there people out there really decorate their skin this way??

With toooooo many pierces on their body..what can i say.. is the main point actually...

You can get this book at MPH with only RM6.00.

Did i make you nauseated with some of the gory pictures??? Well, that's what is really happening out there. Saddening..but true..

So, if you happen to pass MPH or maybe other buy this book ya..


Deana E said...

thank you for the warning juga the need buy magazine la nie, you can help us buy , and post pict here hehe

mamamia said... is getting scarier nowadays. got to confess, I've been thinking for years to get a nice, small tattoo..but hubby doesn't approve. at the same time, takut juga sia kna jangkit penyakit...Yikes!

Nick Phillips said...

The things people do just to be hip and happening.

I'm glad I'm not one of them. I'm just satisfied with my season and faded jeans and my well worn t-shirts :D

And I like Deana's comment about posting pix of magazines here for us ... LOL!

Kadus_Mama said...

deana e ~ hahaha!!! long time didn't buy any mags. Even the book is not mine. Its my sis..

mamamia ~ Eeeeee....jangan mia..nda pasal2 kena tetanus..bahaya tu..
why not ko pakai tu tatoo main lekat?? heheee

nick phillips ~ Well, i do have some 'items' that consider hazardous in the book, but i don't think i can live without any shampoo and some essential stuff too..
Hahaha!! I just did that because i was bored the other day..LOL!!

Poppet said...

kdmama: next time di samping ko ambik gambar, ko scan juga and buat ebook aa hehehehe... nice-nice, thank you.. wlupun tidak bersempatan mo baca tu buku ada idea suda sikit pasal tu buku :)

Kobie Vanessa said...

wahhh good info for today, bagus sa kasi beli ni untuk si Ricky, tatoo dia merata tempat suda and also his piercings!! Where can I get this book Kadus?hehe..kasi takut2 dia skitt

Lab papa said...


Ni la ba kalo mo luaran saja yg santik. Trend skrg ni cam tu. jan lupa juga tu gambar2 di magazines' covers were mostly photosoped too. Jadi la dia santik yg artificial.

Kadus_Mama said...

poppet ~ hahaha!! nanti kena tangkap sia p mencuri the book contents..gambar pun cukup juga tu..its enough to do the talking..

kobie vanessa ~ Wah????? really kah?? habis lah si ricky nie..hope the place he went to bersih lah..nda pasal2 nanti kena jangkit penyakit pulak *touchwood*

lab papa ~ itu lah tu..suma mau santik..sampai nda ingat diri sudah..but blame the magazine juga kan..skinny girls are portrayed as beautiful. And you are sooooo right about the photoshop thingy..

Ninie Jane said...

Wahhh... btul ni. Tapi org skg tia kisah sakit ma effect dia tu, yang penting nampak cantik. huhu.... sa excluding la hehehe

Kadus_Mama said...

ninie jane ~ nah itu lah tu ninie..suma orang mau cantik saja, nda peduli pasal sakit kah tidak..

Choc Mint Girl said...

Waduh waduh mak... menakutkan! Rambut sya pun gugur ni gara2 rebonding kali tu kannn... cuz.

U.Lee said...

Hi Kadus mama, noticed your callsign at New Kid's place and busybody over.
Wow, you a Kadazan? Glad I popped over...thats the fun of blogging, seeing different peoples, different Nationalities....already know a Iban, a gorgeous Orang Ulu, a Bidayu....

Your pics sure can scare people, ha ha. Guess thats the price one pays to look good, huh?
You keep well and have a great weekend, Lee.

Kadus_Mama said...

choc mint girl ~ ya!! memang tu cuz, even my hair pun masih jatuh lagi now.. :(

u.lee ~ hi!! actually i visited ur blog too.. :) but too shy to leave any comment..
Anyway, its good to see you in my blog again (u been here before lah! :))

chegu carol said...

lab papa...sia pun photoshop juga muka sia kdg2 bah...byk jerawat...hahaha

itu yg pakai high heels tu bah...aduiii, mau dakat2 sdh mcm sia punya feet bunions...

Kadus_Mama said...

chegu carol ~ alamak! sia nda pandai pakai photoshop pulak..hahaha!! maybe will use taaz lah lain kali..
alamak carol!! ur feet ada bunions??? me ada juga..but since kecil sebab masa sekolah dulu pakai kasut sempit..

chegu carol said...

my bunions tu inherited dr my dad...bidah oh but what to do...both sides lagi tu...kalu mo beli kasut, mesti cari yg buli cover the bunion.

Kadus_Mama said...

chegu carol ~ eeee...nda sakit kah that bunions?? sometimes uncomfortable kan?? And susah mau cari nice sandals..

chegu carol said...

kalu pakai kasut ndak ngam mmg uncomfortable lah. covered shoes normally gives the uncomfy feeling. so i have to find one yg ndak telampau pointy.