Apr 2, 2008

My Pap Smear

Got my result yesterday and it look good..Hehehe YIPEEEE!! 2 weeks ago, Dr. Sheila the Gynae told me that my sample doesn't look so good. Make me worry for 2 weeks oh. So when i got the result yesterday, the first thing i checked was if i have any infection...haha nasib baik teda!
Anybody know what it means if the test for ENDOX / SQ. MET. CELLS is present? I've been goggling to find the meaning of it but cannot find lah..Though overall result is ok, i'm still worry about that one test..
Probably i should call Dr. Sheila, but funny is, i don't have her number..ahaha die lah like this. Ok lah, whoever know what the one result mean, do let me know ya..


Choc Mint Girl said...

Yayyy!!! Nasib baik teda apa2. I also have no idea what that means... Better you try to go and check again with your Gynae, cuz.

kaDus_Mama said...

choc mint~iya! nasib baik teda apa2..bengong bah me nie teda contact no my gynae! Will try to get her as soon as possible