Apr 4, 2008

Today is 'Qing Ming'

Today, in the Chinese Calender indicating Perayaan Qing Ming. It is the day the Chinese will pray for the deceased family members. Well, plus + minus 10 days of the actual date actually. (Resource : 5XMOM).

This year I didn’t follow my hubby back to his hometown to pray to his Grandma and Greatgrandma. If I follow pun, bukan I pray pun..just look here, look there only (I’m Christian mah). So konon I didn’t follow la because my son was not feeling well. (alasan tidak mau ikut)

If you ever seen the Chinese burning all sort of things made from paper like Car, Computer, Hamper, Beer, or sexy girls…or lots and lots of Money, all the stuffs are for the family member who is in the ‘other’ side of the world. That day, I read in the online news about this Son wanted to send his dad a Petrol Station complete with the pump attendant. His reason, he sent his dad a car before, so dad need petrol to run the car. Where to find petrol station ‘there’? So anak yang baik ini pun hantar lah Satu petrol station for his dad. I’m wondering what station he send la..could it be Shell? Esso? Petronas? hehehehe

(Photo of beer and stout made from paper pinjam from 5Xmom)

But I’m not going to talk about this 'Day' in detail actually, because I pun don’t really understand about the Prayer to the Dead. I only know a lil bit of it. What I want to tell is..nasib baik I didn’t follow hubby that day! ahahahahaa…It was flooded at one area on the way back to KL, then Crazy Jammed lagi! Fuhh…It’s tiring to sit in the car for 5-6 hours oh…

Bidor, Perak flooded after very heavy downpour

Last year, We took almost 7 hours to reach home because of the terrible jam. Padahal the journey should only be in 3 hours. Additional 4 hours, what to do in the car oh! With small baby daughter crying to be fed (masa tu i'm still breastfeeding my daughter and i was driving..so how to feed?), cannot stop at the highway R&R because no parking (tooooooo many people want to pee), car not moving at the highway, son screaming in the car because he was too bored sitting in the car; like very stress kan want to go back like that? Hehe..so thats probably why i didn't go back to hubby hometown this year Qing Ming. Hehehe

Anyway, to us, the non-chinese (and different religion) might be curious why The Chinese is praying to the dead family members. It’s their way to show their respect and love. So us shouldn’t say anything about it. Just respect them for that.. (Padahal i baru have an argument with my husband about it! hahaha)


Anonymous said...

It's like the Christians pray to the souls of the departed on All Souls Day lah bah that. Just that, lain style praying. Mau kasi hantar barang-barang keperluan and such. Hehe.

Makin improve sudah itu 'barang-'barang' yg mau bakar utk kasi sama tu souls ah. Dulu mana ada ada tu 'beer'..siap ada brand lagi tu.

My kung-kung was a Buddhist too but on Qing Ming, but since my mom and her sisters are now Christians, they would just let some other Buddhist friend or relative to do all the offerings and bakar-bakar thing for my kung-kung. Once, I remembered they bought a paper house to be burnt for my kung-kung. Kesian tiada rumah kavagu mamiku.

KaDusMama said...

chegu - wah!!! Rumah?? bukan alang2 kan??

Anonymous said...

last yer, sent a car.. tis yer, send petrol station wif the pump attendant.. so wat's next yer?..
i believe he would needed the car services, new tyre.. etc..

KaDusMama said...

anon - ahahaaa..probably he should send a workshop..in case the father's car suddenly break-down!! heheeeee