Apr 23, 2008

You've been sloganized

This is one very fun meme tagged by Choc Mint Girl, My dear cousin. Of course i love this tag, though I feel it a lil' bit difficult because i cannot design or draw on anything. No talent lah..

Anyway this tag goes like this....

Here are the rules:

1. If you've been sloganized, paste your tee-shirt on your blog.
2. Include the image of the PLAIN TEE SHIRT so others can use it to customize their tees.
3. Sloganize 5 other friends INCLUDING the person who sloganized you.
4. If your slogans are not original, please mention where you got them from.
5. Have fun!

This what Choc Mint thought about me..fan of Britney Spears yo!! hehee

Kadus_Mama ~ A fan of Britney Spears and a loving mama who can't sit still because of her darling little boy who always make her worry ~ Hehee..she hit the right spot about me. I'm BRITNEY SPEARS big fan..and Son always make me chase after him


Choc Mint Girl

So here is my tee to Choc Mint. I've known her all my life and I know she is a very lovely 'girl'. She has soooo much love to give to everybody, Family, Friends and the MOST to her beloved Hubby. So yes!! I found her as Lovely girl and a very Loving wife.


So what i think about the bloggers i've known?? See the T-Shirt lah..Hehe, I'm only Sloganizing them ah. If you guys already done this Meme before, it's up to you to do it once again. It's for fun mah! hehee So here goes the Sloganized Bloggers. (I want to do for the other too..but have no idea what to design on the T-Shirt)

Ratu Syura

Though i don't really know her well, I know she loves party very much..I've read some of her post about her enjoying her party she had. Betul kah nie??


Emelda @ KadazanBonita

Actually I want to put smiley wearing a cute cap for her because she has her cap on in almost all of her pix. But think again, I come to my conclusion that she is a carefree girl who loves to enjoy her live to the fullest. Yep..jalan sana..jalan sini..



Have only know him for a while. But i already know he is The EARTH Lover..hehe if you don't believe me, go check his blog and read his ranting (hehe..its more like advising lah) about saving and conserving planet earth.


Urang Ranau

We came from same Kampung ah. Hehe but never meet her before. She is now studying in S'pore (hmmm..) Even she is having a very bad day in her life, i think she is coping with it very well..nah can round-round satu singapore lagi..such a Happy Go lucky girl..
I think everybody already knows this. She designed lots of sabahan Blogger (maybe others as well..only me don't know) template and all of them are very creative. Kiut-kiut, beautiful and very nice. If i have money next time, maybe can ask her to design one for me. Hope she won't charge me a high price (harap-harap ada diskaun hehee)
So thats about what the not so creative T-Shirt designed by me. If i'm ever wrong about the thought i had on you..sorry in advance ah! Manalah tau salah..


Nick Phillips said...

This has got to be one of the toughest tags I have ever done in my life. Thank god I've done this already ... LOL!

Rafiq Abdul Rahim said...

hahaha! The Earth Lover! wow..thank you! I teda la a tree hugger, but I am more aware of the environment now. oh ya, my car is hybrid of natural gas/petrol..so bole la Earth Lover tu! haha!

KaDusMama said...

Nick ~ Haha!! Yep..it is really tough..took 2 days to think about the slogan..Thank God you've done it!! hehe

Rafiq ~ Wah!! hybrid gas kah?? Me study environment last time pun masih pakai Petrol besa tu oh oh..ekeke next time lah i use the Palm Oil as my oil..

CJane said...

Wahahahaha.. terkembeng sia tinguk sia kana puji-puji sini. Woot!!!


But eh, I've done this Tag already in my personal blog sana. :P Gila, susahnya mo bikin ni Tag kan?

Thanks for remembering me for this Tag, sweetie. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Eh, testpost comment using my Blogger a/c pulak. LOL!!!!

But nvm la, at least now you know it's me whenever I post with this a/c. :P

KaDusMama said...

Cindy ~ Kembang?? hehehe control!! control! Nda pa bah if you already done the Tag..nanti pening mau pikir lagi balik..
I already know you are CJane bah..hehe
*pstt..pames bah ko!

Choc Mint Girl said...

Yo! Luv ya, cuz!! He he he... My tee is so sweet, cute and nice. Creative jugak ko ahh... Nasib baik nda desperate housewife kan ha ha ha... Tengkiu!!! :D

KaDusMama said...

Cuz ~ Hehee nda lah bah desperate housewife..ko nie!! hehee The Tee is nice because it suit you bah..So lovely and loving!

Rozella said...

Hahaha I'm so glad that everyone is doing this tag! Yeah, it's a bit of a toughie, but it's so fun! Hehe

Ratu Syura said...

Ala.. it's only fun cuz you get lots of tees Roz! Btw, I owe you and yeah, I haven't forgotten!

KadusMama, thanks so much for the tee!! Dua sudah orang bagi me tee with party sign on it! LOL!! Now I gotta make one for you too! That means I gotta make 8 tees!! Mati laa.. hahaha..

KaDusMama said...

Rozella ~ Hehe..most people is doing this tag huh??

Syura ~ 8 tees?? hahaha 1 week lah mau kasi siap!!