Apr 21, 2008

I spent my weekend at Johor and Malacca

It's monday today..and I'm so tired! Yep!! Went to JB last saturday for a site visit, (Not me do the work lah...hubby had to take care the additional work at JB). Brought Kids along with us. Hubby said we can just drop by maybe at Malacca to bring dear kids jalan-jalan. Pity the two, always coped inside the house 24/7. Having to see the world ouside won't make them become KATAK BAWAH TEMPURUNG i hope... So we were off to JB at saturday noon with my 'no power car'. (Matai=die used my car)

Ya lah!! My licence is still P lah..hehee another 3 months to CDL

We reached JB around 6.10pm from KL. Punya main lambat. We left at 1.45pm tu. ish! ish! It's only 370++ km mah. After hubby went to site, we checked-in at one of the hotel there. Hotel's name is OKID HOTEL. ekekeee I think it supposed to be Orkid hotel, but the boss doesn't know how to spell it correctly and he name his hotel, Okid instead of Orkid. The family's room is big enough for us, one family. After i bathed my kids, we went for a STEAMBOAT dinner somewhere near the hotel we stayed.

Nah!!! Steamboat at Restaurant Ho Ho..ahahaha what a name!! It's very nice. The chilie Paste add more 'sedapness' of our food. There were Tauhu, Prawns, Fishball, Veggie, Quail Egg, Fish Fillet, Yee Mee, Mee Hoon and many others. We even asked for additional plate of prawn because 2 ekor existing prawn not enough for me and hubby. Heheee I was soooo stuffed eating all the food. Perut also want to meletup already! All this nyummy..nyummy food cost about RM77.00 (Aiseh..like jalan-jalan cari makan pulak..need to tell the price konon).

Next day, woke up at 8.30am to get ready to site again, me and kids waited for hubby inside car. Luckily we only have to wait for him for 1 hour and 15 mins. After that, we were off looking for our lunch.

Sekali..punya jauh the place of our lunch. We stopped at Yong Peng to eat the most FAMOUS fishball in town (In case you don't know lah). Another nyummmmmmy food to share with you guys. 1 bowl of the Kuey Teow + Mee Hoon Fishball cost about RM4.00. If you want to add extra fishball, 1 pcs is RM0.70 oh!! 10pcs = RM7??? Like very expensive kan? But doesn't matter lah, the satisfaction is still there. Not like everyday i go Yong Peng to eat fishball pun.

Off again, We reached Malacca at about 3.40pm. The first thing I noticed there was the UFO in the middle of the city! hahahaha I really have no idea what the thing is called, so UFO also can use lah. If you ever tried the Space Shot at Genting Highland, it's the same I think. Only that this UFO is for us to see Malacca City from the top of the cloud. Ok not the cloud lah, at least 150m on the air. At first we thought we wanted to try it, sekali i checked the price, Cheh!!!! They really charged it with an exorbitant price. RM20 for adult and RM10 for kids. The 4 us will cost RM60. CRAZY!! (I better spend the money to eat crab..lagi best). Anyway, the UFO can spin and spin and spin in order for the viewers to see different view of Malacca. I tak minat lah! hehee

After, UFO, Son told Daddy he wanted to visit the TLDM (Tentera Laut Di-Raja Malaysia) Museum. It was verrrrrrrrrryyyyy crazy hot yesterday. Sun was burning my face and I was sweating like a shower. (ahaha..exaggerating only lah). The ticket to enter the museum was only RM3 for adult and FOC for children below 5 years old. Pheww.. The museum was really a HEAVEN!! Air-cond sejuk-sejuk...feel like inside the freezer pulak..hehe

Nah!! See how my son was so EXCITED to see the gun? He said it was a machine gun! Haha actually i don't even know what the heck is the that thing is. Just called it gun lah. I have to coaxed Son to go other place you know. He just didn't want to budge from that particular gun. Fascinated melampau-lampau pulak.

Outside the Museum compound, is a BIG NAVY SHIP!! Since it was really a hot day yesterday, we only spent a couple of minutes up there. Cannot tahan already. Took few pixs and went off to the Black Pearl (Aiseh!! like Pirates of The Carribean pulak)

Nothing special with the Ship except it is really huge and there are 2 really ugly pirates on board the ship. ekekeeee

Our Next Destination was the Crocodiles Farm. Cost for entrance is RM5 for adult and free for kids below 5 years old. (When you have family, this are the kind of places you will visit tau..hehe) What to see there?? Crocodiles and Gattor lah..Hahahaa what you expect? There were many-many types of Buazo @ Buaya @ Crocs can be found inside the park. Some is Big, Small, and there is one Hunchback Croc as well. (Forget to take it pix). Son was more excited to enter one of the Ghost House inside the park than seeing all the 'look alike' crocs.

Why many crocs pixs??? Because i never see any crocodiles in my life before. Haha So i was more excited too see and observe the crocs than my kids. Hehe Kesian me kan..

We left Melaka at 7.00pm and reached home at 9.00pm! Fuh!! Super Duper tired! All i can say about our trip is..NICE!!!! hehe

*Matai lah! I have 3 project schedules to finish now. Sempat lagi blogging! heheeeee


Ornest said...

Hah! I am the fisrt to comment :)

I enjoy reading your family outing to Melaka. Like it is urging me to go there also hehehe... I love your writting about food because i'm a food lover myself. I've always wanted to snap every meal that i'm having and blog about it but selalu lupa bah. Sudah makan separuh jalan baru ingat hehehe.. mana cantik lagi gambar dia :D

Anyway, keep on blogging about food ah. That is my area of interest. If got recipe, lagi bagus :D

cindy said...

Wahhh bestnyaaaaa, ada orang makan angin and makan sedap-sedap!!! :D Nasib baik sia baru habis makan, kalau tidak kelaparan la sia tinguk pics ko tu. LOL!

Anyway, glad you had so much fun there!

Kadus_Mama said...

Ornest~hehe..separuh jalan makan pun can take photo bah..bout recipe, adeh..tidak lah sia..cincai2 saja bah recipe sia..

cindy~iya!! bestnya!! hehe lama nda bejalan macam tu..nasib ko sudah makan kan..

Rafiq said...

wow! Roadtrip a'la Cuti-cuti Malaysia! :P the hunchback croc still ada di situ? nah, mau pencen sudah dia tu. the last time i went there (like gila babi lama zaman purba dulu) dia ada lagi..kesian bah dia, the Hunchback of Melaka..

Choc Mint Girl said...

Time kami pigi Melaka dulu tu konon mo bangun 8am, but semua pun overslept sampai 11am. Last2 lambat la bertolak hi hi... Kami teda la naik tu 'UFO' ha ha, but still could view part of Melaka dari mana tu, St. Pauls Church mungkin tu he he he... but enjoy la korang kan!

Kadus_Mama said...

Rafiq~Haha!! rupanya lama sudah si Hunchback sana!! Zaman purba lagi tu! hahahaa

Choc Mint~Alala!!Lambat bangun! hehe Sia teda p the Church..tia sempat..petang sudah kan..mau cepat balik..

emelda said...

Melaka...the last i when there was toward christmas holiday season..best jugala. :D Did not go for the UFO thingy..mana tu?

Well glad to know you have enjoyed your trip. :D

Kadus_Mama said...

Emelda~Nah!! Nasib ko pun sudah p Melaka..hehe me banyak tempat lagi mau p nie..Tu UFO tengah2 dunia Malacca city!

urang ranau said...

jeles lah sia, kalau begini sia pun mo pi jalan2...hehehe pg indon dulu la, pasal sia buli jd jutawan kaalu pergi sana yeehaa..anyway nice entry, sadap tuh makanan ni yg buat hati sia ber guncang mo pi mkn sekarang (maka2 br makan td lunch) ;p tulah ko kadus mama..

Ratu Syura said...

Waaahhh.. bestnya kamuuu~!! Jeles ni se tgk all the food and the sightseeing.. Last I went to Melaka was like 10 yrs ago!! Lepas exam la nanti baru se berabis cuti2 malaysia! haha!

Kadus_Mama said...

Urang ranau ~ Jalan! jan tia jalan..rugi nanti

Syura ~ 10 years??? wah lamanya sudah tu..just like Rafiq says zaman purba kala sudah tu..bah habis exam terus ko round satu malaysia lah..jan alang2 :)