Apr 9, 2008

"Senyuman Darlie' again...

Last night brought son to see dentist to 'CABUT' his damaged tooth.. after 20mins waiting, Dr called him to go inside. Kesian him, seeing all the equipment made him really terrified. He hold my hand punya lah kuat. Like he want to cabut saja rasa. Of course I thought he was going to Scream and cry, nasib baik he didn't. He still try to be brave infront of me and hubby. If he scream and cry lah, i think i will pretend to faint and let husband take care the crying business.
Anyway Doctor checked his tooth and tell us a very wonderful news!!!! The news is better than i strike number at Magnum.
"Hmmm..gigi dia goyang saja, tapi takde masuk ke dalam. Tak payah cabut ni" Dr. Haniza said
"Takut dia gigit benda keras, nanti gigi patah susah. Takut dia makan gigi tu". Me said (In semenanjung slang..hahahaha buruknya rasa)
"Tak, kalau goyang macam ni, gigi tak akan patah. Banyak orang yang aksiden, gigi goyang sekejap, lepas 1 -2 minggu, dah tak goyang dah" Dr again
"Really?? so tak payah cabut lah???" Me sooo gembira
"Kalau nak pun boleh juga, tapi kesian lah gigi baru hanya akan tumbuh dia umur 7 atau 8 tahun" Dr again. I try to imagine my son with missing one front tooth for the coming four years but i failed to imagine lah.
"Oh!!! ok..takpe..kita tunggu another 2 minggu lah..if goyang juga, then cabut lah" Me ke'happy'an
Dr. Haniza gave me a big smile when she say "Iya tak payah cabut sekarang, sayang kalau cabut".
So if you were me, mesti lah happy tahap kambing gurun kan..!! At least for the time being my son still can give me his 'Darlie smile'.

Adakah muka traumatized macam nie???

If you think my son was traumatized by what had happend to him, nah!! Sikit pun tidak. When i reached home yesterday, he shows me his kungfu action again. Ai!! pening kepala..because i have to shout at him so that he will stop jumping. Headache kan??

Daughter with muka 'kuih pau' (saja put her photo..nda kan Son saja famous)

So begitu lah the story. I hope son tooth or root, or gum or whatever holding the tooth will be tighten and gigi not going to fall. I will be very sad if he is going to lose it..


Ratu Syura said...

Yayyy!! Ndak payah cabut!! Can still maintain hensemmm! hehehe..

KaDusMama said...

syura~IYA!!! nasib baik..if not..tia hansem sudah..

Rafiq Abdul Rahim said...

your daughter is sooo cute! wah, so jajal your son..can't imagine you speaking semenanjung! LOL!

KaDusMama said...

Rafiq ~y eah!! Daughter cute like me..LOL!! Uii..ko jangan..my semenanjung is OK ape..wahaha