Apr 7, 2008

Tag : KadazanBonita Tagged me yo!!

Yay!! Another tag for me to do... This one is from KadazanBonita..Me rajin saja want to do nie.. A) TOP 5 PRESENTS YOU WISH FOR :~

~Win the Big Sweep (Jackpot in Da Ma Cai! hahaa RM3 for a ticket only mah..Curently the Jackpot prize is RM6Million only...Who want to give me their winning ticket??)
~I want a nice Handphone to replace my 3 years old HP..Nokia N95 pun ok juga tu..
~A big and spacious 4WD. New model Rav4 pun ok juga. My kembara is too small to sumbat many people inside.
~Free ticket to go back to Sabah (uwahh lama sudah tidak balik kampung nie)
~I want another baby..but takut si Anonymous tiba-tiba attack me again..heheee
My impressions is based on her blog because i haven't meet her yet.. Friendly Straightfoward Witty Open minded Pleasant (eh sama lah bah with friendly ni kan?) D) MOST MEMORABLE THINGS HE/SHE HAS GIVEN/DONE FOR YOU :~
Link me to her blog..because she hasn't give me anything yet! ekekeeee E)THE MOST MEMORABLE WORDS HE/SHE HAS SAID TO YOU :~
~ "your son ada mirip kau ba...jangan risau. :)" (Fuhh!! I need more people to tell me that my kids look like me..hehehheee) F) IF HE/SHE BECOMES YOUR LOVER, YOU WILL :~
Alamak!!! I'm already married lah...cannot change direction already.. G) IF HE/SHE BECOMES YOUR ENEMY, THE REASON WILL BE :
She send trojan..hoax..virus and nuke my blog..ahahahahaa talampau lah bah! H) PASS THE QUIZ TO 5 PEOPLE THAT YOU WISH TO KNOW HOW THEY FEEL ABOUT YOU :~ Chegu Carol (She say mau kumpul this tag and kasi lump sum buat) UrangRanau Sharon Sumandak Sabah Choc Mint Girl Ok!! Thats about it..enjoy with the tag...


chegu carol said...

hahahaha...ingat jg ko ah...bah, tiga sudah. Who else wanna tambah? Hahaha

Choc Mint Girl said...

Okay, cuz. Thanks! Nanti la sya buat satu kali hi hi... ;D

kaDus_Mama said...

chegu carol ~ hahaaa..ngam lah tu..tunggu sampai 5 pastu baru ko buat

Cuz ~ take ur time bah! heheee

urang ranau said...

ok ok sj bah, jap lagi sia buat tunggu bos keluar dr opis..hihihihi..

kaDus_Mama said...

Urang ranau ~ palan2 bah..;)