Jan 22, 2008

Who love to swim?

Photobucket Apparently my kids love swimming.. The photo above was taken sometimes ago.. And I love the photo very much that it becomes my handphone screen display..PC screen display.. if possible i want to make it my TV Screen display too...Can ah? I remembered when i was about 7 years until 12years old.. I used to go to the Sungai (River) near my house to swim.. UNsupervised by parents! Together with The 'Kakis' who were my brother, sister and neighbours.. We knew that many small kids had died there..drowned!! Yet, it didn't detered us to curi-curi go to the river.. We used to bring along the Car Tyre Tube..in case we need it! We Love to play the 'belugu' (ball made from sand) and fight who had the strongest belugu of all.. We love sunbathing..our skin were SUPER TANNED..and hair felt like wire..(exposed to much to the sun mah) And the most daring stunt we did was travelling 1 km of the river using the floating tube..passing the most challanged river terrain..(banyak batu-batu) and small waterfall...THANK GOD none of us had died!! TOUCHWOOD!!!!! Until now my parents never found about our bout of adventure! hehee But if you ask me whether i'm going to do the stunt again if i am asked to.....!!! ARGHHHHHH no way!! Tak mau mati awal lah!! But I'm going to tell my kids in the future how 'terrer' their mommy was last time! hehe By the way..i still LOVE SWIMMING..but swimming pool lah!


jew said...

if possible i want to make it my TV Screen display too...Can ah? <<---can one!!who said cannot oo..:)

kaDus_Mama said...

Jew - can..but how ah??