Jan 31, 2008

My Prince..

If that day i posted about my daughter, today i'm posting about my son Isaac..
This is my dear son pix which was taken sometimes ago when he was 2++ years..
Very 'gaya-gaya' one..Hehe

My son really like to 'begaya' even when he is at home..He like to wear his nice shirt..jeans and shoe inside my house that sometimes i have to shout at him because he was bringing all the dirts inside..its not that i cannot clean and sweep the floor, i just don't want his sister to eat 'don't know whatever things' sticking at the shoes.

If you meet my son, i'm so sure you will bang your head at the wall wondering how me and my hubby or my MIL can stand taking care of him. He is super-active, too head strong to listen whatever we tell him not to do..Lompat here..lompat there..throwing things here...throwing things there..until sometimes i cannot stand him i have to smacked him a bit. If not..he will start climbing the ceiling already loh!

He is a chatterbox that he only stop talking when he is sleeping..I have to shisssssssshhh him to stop him from talking too much..ha ha ha..i know i'm bad..but cannot do anything because i need some peaceful moment at home after finish working..

And what topics my son like to talk about?? Nothing much..only the summary of movie like Harry potter, All Jacky Chan's movies, Don't know what kungfu movie, Transformer, X-Men, Fantastic Four and many others that i've forgotten the title..He keep repeating the scenes until i 'pening' listening to him..

When my hubby's grandfather was admitted to hospital in year 2006, my son became the star in Selayang Hospital. He followed my MIL to hospital and cheered the patient at ward by singing from one bed to another bed. Sometimes patients called him to sing a song like twinkle-twinkle little star, Ba Ba Black Sheep, ABC and many others lah..I only went there once to see him at hospital..and i cannot help myself from being proud because Isaac can make all the sick people laughed and they all had a smile on their face whenever he finished singing.

Well if i want to go on..and on..and on about my son, i think i will take about 3 1/2 years to finish all of his story..I will save his stories for my post next time....to be continued....