Jan 30, 2008

CNY is coming!

This nice sam foo only cost about RM39.90

As we all aware..CNY (Chinese New Year) is less than 1 week from now..

And i have yet to prepare the CNY stuff..

I have yet to buy clothes for myself..as i'm very lazy to go in and out from one shops to another shops..when at last i'm not going to buy any of it! I'm very particular choosing clothes one....So i think i will recycle the last 3 years 'baju'..if i can fit it lah!

Kids clothing already 'koutim' (done)..Me and hubby bought all kids 'baju' 3 weeks ago..
At least buy early can find the right size for them mah..

For the first time, hubby bought a nice and very cute 'sam foo' (correct me if i'm wrong) for daughter..He didn't ask for my help this time..hehee He 'pandai' (clever) choose already! hehe
See the pix...cute leh??

Funny is, i bought a pink colour boot for daughter..haha i guess she will look weird wearing her boot and sam foo! But no worry, she will still look cute and adorable!


Choc Mint Girl said...

Awww... cute bah tu baju... Bah, pink boots pun okay jugak tu for kids. Nampak cute jugak. ;D

kaDus_Mama said...
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kaDus_Mama said...

Choc Mint - Iya lah..hehe hopefull nda weird kan!