Jan 23, 2008

Please Help!!!

*Ah Choooooooo!! Sniff! Sniff* *Ah Choooooooooooo...uhek! uhek! uhek!* *Teeth Chattering....grrr...grrr..grrr* *Ah Chooooooooooooooooo...* I need help from whoever have the tips to cure my soon to be coughing..running nose..and high fever.. This morning i was a little bit dizzy..and feeling a bit cold....but now..my head is like going to crack soon!! VERY PAINFUL! Just like you woke in the morning after drinking 1 bottle of pure Vodka!! *Star pusing-pusing my head now* *AH CHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO* Now the whatever germs are dancing and so happy because i'm going to be sick soon!! PLEASEEEE lah..who have the tips?? At least to cure one of the my sickness!! Suffering now!! I still have 2 kids to take care soon after i reach home!!! How lah like this??? *Uhekkkkkkkk!! Uhekkkkkkkkkkk!!* PLEASE HELP!!!!! P/s - No doctor!! I hate to open my mouth and let the dr poking inside using the 'don't know what stick'!!!