Jan 25, 2008

I'm Stressed!!!!

What will you do if someone smell so bad sitting next to you? Pretend that nothing is bothering you? Sit far..far away? Tell the person directly? I don't know..I've done none of the above so far!! Well here is my story.. I'm sitting next to my colleague..a female one.. And she sits only 1/2 meter away from me.. And gosh!! she smells very bad..you know..the sweaty..didn't shower smells... And it come from you know where..the armpit!! (I guess lah!) This problem has been persistently happend for 6 months now...Since she started working here.. And i have been suffering for 6 months.. I have a very super sensitive nose.. I can smell good or bad smell 1km (OK!! i'm exaggerating!!) away from me.. And if i'm pregnant..the distance of my smell sensitivity will increase drastically.. The worst thing will happend if i smell bad thing, person or anything is i will puke!! Or at least gagged...Which happend so many times already! But thats not the problem here.. I'm just wondering... Don't we noticed if our body smelled rank? (Probably her nose already malfunction..) Its our own body...for GOD sake!! If we do..shouldn't we do something about it??? Jeezzz..i think my lifespan will be shorter if i have to smell more of her.. I don't know what i should do to make her noticed her bad smells.. Any idea?? Doesn't matter if its in a polite or rude way..


ms_bonong said...

since the person doesnt know kadus language, why not u say 'ovutong koh noh kopio! ptui!'.. say it many times whenever u feel stressed due to her bad odour.. ?
maybe this can relieve u a lil bit?..

mimang sangsara ooo..
how can u stand it.. for 6months baitu? fuyoo.. hibat !

kaDus_Mama said...

Ms_bonong..hahaa good idea..people will think im crazy if i'm talking to myself..tapi mimang sangat sengsara oh..haha terpaksa tahan napas sometimes..