Jan 28, 2008

I'm PMSing

I woke up so early this morning, feeling soooo fresh only to realise it was only 5.06am. Try to sleep back but failed... Blink..blink...my eyes....and start counting don't know how many sheep, cow, cat and dog.. Still i didn't manage to sleep.. Toss to the left..toss to the right..and finally i fall asleep at 6 something.. Anyway..i'm really in a foul mood today.. Bad Mood and PMSing' I feel bloated.. I feel fat.. I feel tired.. I want to eat chocolate.. I feel hungry all the time.. I want to sleep.. I feel so annoyed with somebody who is really annoying!! *Sigh* why lah we women have to go through this cycle every month..tired oh!! Well i'm praying and hoping something good better happend soon or else i'm going to wear this sour face the whole day today!!


urg kita said...

i even nearly broke up my last r/ship due to this darn pms...hua hua hua bt anyway he is now my x.. :p

kaDus_Mama said...

wah??? sampai macam tu sekali kah..bahaya juga ah!