Jan 30, 2008

I'm going to be Old soon

Less than 2 weeks I'm going to be older.. I don't know whether i should be happy or sad.. Should i be happy because i'm going to get a presents soon? or should i be sad because all the 'wrinkles and the gang' are waving and saying hello to me.. But i'm thinking.. Whether my hubby will remember my birthday (He forgot my birthday last year..and only remembered after he read the friendster reminder) Whether my family at Land Below the Wind will remember my birthday.. Whether my my friends will remember my birthday.. or anybody i know will remember my birthday.. *Sigh* Hopefully i will get at least few wishes this year.. How sad it is if nobody remember your birthday? *eyes full with tears now*


Lil' Ms Pinky said...

'Old' is just a matter of mind perception, dear.

Birthdays give me the blues too. I'd rather nobody remembers so that I get to spend mine like any other normal day. Weird hor?

kaDus_Mama said...

Yes!! age is just a number..

I don't need my birthday to be celebrated in a grand way..just a well wish from all will make my day brighter! :)

Choc Mint Girl said...

Don't worry... Now, I'll remember to wish you. ;D Suda la hari tu terawal wish hi hi hi hi... ;D

gansad said...

kadus_mama, happy bday and many more!

kaDus_Mama said...

choc mint - heheee..advance wish kah hari tu..

Gansad - aiseh the men..thank you lah wishing me early! hehe

Now you all make me smiling already