Jan 15, 2008

I'm a MiXed Cultures Mama??

What do u think?? I am a rojak mama..? You are probably 50% correct..not that i'm mixed with all the rojak ingredients.. Just that i have mixed cultures background.. Wow!! i am mixed with Eurasian + Japanese + Spanish?? (SUPER HOT MAMA I AM THEN..) Nah!! I wish i am...can only dream! My Dad is a Sino-Kadazan.... My Mom is a Kadazan.. Come to my birth cert..I am a Sino-Native.. Now I'm married to a HANDSOME chinese guy.. Still i am a Sino-native..(i don't have to change my surname!! Thank God!!) I gave birth to 2 beautiful babies in the world..and what am i suppose to put their race?? I still have no idea until now..Maybe 3/4 Sino-1/4 Native? Anyway..back to me..I have different religion with my Babe (aka Husband).. He goes tample..and I go Church.. Every year..I celebrate CNY, Bak Chang's Day lah..Tong Yuen's Day lah.. Pesta Kaamatan la and of course Beautiful Christmas..(is Celebration considered as a culture???) I have to learn to speak many languages in my daily life.. Malay (which i think OK), English (Still learning), Mandarin (pin yin still sounds funny), KadazanDusun (Hmmm..the most difficult of all but obuli-bulli ne di gia dondo)), Cantonese (Office official Language), Hokkien (Babe's family speaks Hokkien ohhh..)... I can go on..and on...and on about Nice+Beautiful MiXed Background..but i'm afraid i will make a very long story about me..nenek moyang...Babe's nenek moyang!! this..this..that..that.. Cannot finish all the story oh!! What I'm trying to tell here...I'm proud to be "SINO-NATIVE(KadazanDusun)" + Chinese (By Marriage) ..yes!! I'm proud with my ROJAKS culture now!!