Jan 17, 2008


Daughter is 1 year and 1 month old now.. Most of us will think 1 yr tot is small and still cannot think and understand her surrounding..right? I did think the same until i saw daughter using my H/P that day..She used it to call one of my friend.. She acted like she is talking to somebody....My friend.. I laughed so loud because i do understand what she babbled.. This was what she said: 'Awww'! (Hello!)... 'At? (What).... 'Em' (Emm)... 'K' (Ok!) ... Then she passed me the phone! I was SO TERKEZZUTT because she was calling my friend..! So next time..dont play2 oh! budak kecil pun understand what we say! I better watch out my tounge next time.. Mana lah tau..daughter follow me cursing! hehee