Jan 22, 2008


SHOES! What about it? Nothing special about it.. Its only a thing that we use to cover our feet and protect it from being injured.. To my son, shoes are a very special..he loves shoes very much.. He is fascinated with shoe that he knows what type of shoe people are wearing.. could it be sport shoe, casual shoe or safety shoe..he KNOWS the difference! I only notice his fascination when he was 3 yrs old.. He LOVES to wear his daddy's shoe..24/7 he will wear daddy's shoes everywhere in the house and repeatedly ask the type of shoe, what is the function or purpose of the shoe! When we went to a shopping complex, he will observe people's shoe.. We were dragging him along and he is sooooooo busy looking at people shoes.. He observed other kids, babies, Auntie, Ah Poh, Uncle, Ah pek and all people shoes. There was a time he asked me : "Mommy, see the Uncle..what shoe he is wearing? Casual Shoe?" "No lah! The one is sport shoe!" I sambil-sambil looking at the lingerie shop.. "Mommy..its a casual shoe..not sport shoe" Merajuk face.. "Eh ya lah!! Its a casual shoe. SORRY!!" I shame already because i didn't bother to see what shoe the Uncle wore.. "You see mommy, I know its a casual shoe" Smiling sarcasticly.. The worst part is not over yet because when we went to friends or relatives or anybody house, the first thing my son will do is checking their shoe rack! He will inspect the shoe types and try to wear them! Mati loh want to bring him visiting our friend! So what do you think lah? Is my son going to be the NEXT Jimmy Choo??