Jan 23, 2008

Thaipusam but i'm working!

It is supposed to be a State Holiday in Selangor.. But i'm working...! Bencinya!!!! Only the Indians are given the holiday privilege.. While the rest of us here are working like stupid! Funny is..the high position people in office nowhere to be seen!! Suka-suka tak mau datang!!! Sudah lah have to work..i somemore pening-pening..i'm a lil bit dizzy since last night! Somemore got Sore Throat, 'NeckAche' and body lembik-lembik! How to work like this??? Maybe I should pretend to faint..? I might be allowed to go back early?? hehehee


MythMan J said...

FAMILY DOLLAR employees work everyday but Christmas!

You might say you GET to work on an Indian holiday, the Indians are STRICKEN from working (the very word 'holiday' is said to come from the term 'holy day' ... almost like a day of mourning, regretting the fact that these Indians AREN'T STRONG ENOUGH to work so well as you, blessed mama.)

kaDus_Mama said...

Mythman -I guess i cannot pretend to faint later..ok!! WORK!! WORK!!